Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Project!

Now that my dear Sister-in-law Shanna has announced she has a baby on the way I can post pictures of a little project I made! She gave me the pattern for this little Snoopy and I had lots of fun whipping it up!

He came out so cute that Erik tried to claim him as his own and both girls are begging me to make them one!
It was so fun putting on the little details! The kids cheered every time another bit of him went on!
This picture came out a little dark but I thought it looked to sweet not to post!
So congratulations Shanna and Nathan, and I hope they and Baby Mitchell enjoy the little cutie and hopefully Erik will not smuggle and hide Snoopy before I can get him in the mail!

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Daddy K said...

You are so talented!! That is really cute!! Love Ya!! Dad and Mama JoAnne