Sunday, March 18, 2012

Katie's Easter Dress!

It was impossible this year to find Katie an Easter dress that was both decent and decently priced so I decided to dust off the ol' sewing machine and have a go at it myself!Katie chose the buttons and pattern from the store and the fabric from my stash. Abby's Easter dress is store bought and I was determined to make Katie's as fancy looking as Abby's!

This dress is fitted so I couldn't cheat and simply and make a tie to fit her tiny waiste! After much fussing, I trimmed, sewed, and trimmed and sewed some more to get the dress to fit her slim frame without making it too uncomfortable for her to wear or going completely crazy myself! I assure you it was some kind of miracle!This is not Abby's Easter dress but she wanted her picture taken and Katie decided to jump in!
I'll be taking more pictures of the girls on Easter of course but I was fairly pleased how the dress couldn't wait to share!

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