Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blingy Bird Feeders!

Tonight the kids at church and I made these fun bird feeders!
They went together pretty easy and looked really cool! All you need is some screen (I used the screen from a torn window screen) a plastic embroidery hoop, wire, and fun beads! Cut the screen in a circle bigger than the hoop and put in the hoop just like you would with cross stitch fabric, before tightening the hoop stick three long wires between hoops (about 2 ft in length each) spacing them evenly, tighten and trim excess screen. Hang outside and fill the screen with birdseed!

String pretty beads on the three wires until there is about 5" of bare wire left. Twist three wires together and then stick on a bigger bead and push it down to the top of the bead strings. Twist a pipe cleaner around the bare wire and the twist to form a hoop!

I helped the kids secure the screen and the wire but mostly, they did it all themselves! Even Erik could string the beads on the wire! They were all very proud of themselves and overjoyed with how they're bird feeders turned out!

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