Friday, November 5, 2010

Faith and Grace Quilt Fundraiser

A long time ago I went to college and worked with a great gal named Pam. Pam and I've kept in touch over the years and I was delighted to hear her and her husband are trying to adopt two children from Ethiopia. Pam and her husband Nate Maxwell are a wonderful Christian couple with a home full of love to give! So many people talk about adopting but never actually take the steps to do it, I admire their selflessness; I admire their patience!
As I've been following their story on their website and saw all the things they and other people are doing to help raise funds I was burdened to help! Like my sister-in-law Erin I wanted to use a talent to help raise money to bring their babies home. So I thought about what I could do and it wasn't to long before an idea popped into my head; I could make quilts! Not only could I raise money with it but they would have quilts to snuggle up in during the cold winter months of Iowa and know the warmth of those quilts are not just from the fabric that went into them but the love of their parents and the love of people everywhere that put two children's worth above their own.

So today I am offically launching "Faith and Grace Quilts"! I will making two, twin size quilts and if you feel lead to help Pam and Nate bring their children home you can sponsor a block! For a minimum of a $10 donation I will make a quilt block. Each block will feature an appliqued star and no two blocks will be made of the same fabric. On the back of the quilt I will put your name so they know who helped bring them home! All proceeds will go directly to Nate and Pam. As soon as I have enough blocks I will assemble the two quilts and send them and all the money donated to Nate and Pam.

You can send your donation using a PayPal account to or you can send a check to Karen Mitchell; 3622 State Route 29 S; Noxen, PA; 18638 and I will send you a thank you card with a picture of the block you sponsored! Mark your payment as "Faith and Grace Fund" and be sure to include your name and address so I can send you a thank you!

If you have any questions you can e-mail me at! You can read about Pamand Nate's journey at . Let's help Pam and Nate bring their babies home and wrap them up in quilts of love!


Anonymous said...

Karen this is such a great idea! I'll be spreading the word . . . :)

Carrie said...

That is such a great idea! That was such a fun year working together in the infant room, wasn't it? :)