Friday, April 23, 2010

There Once was...

In honour of National Poetry month I give you the first poem I ever wrote. It was an assignment in my fourth grade English class, we were supposed to copy poetry on pretty paper and make a book with the final poem being our own composition. My teacher told us what ending sound we got to use (I got "og") and set out other criteria such as length and subject matter. So here it is folks...

The Dog in the Bog

There once was a dog,
Who tripped over a log
Because of some fog,
And fell into a bog
And met a frog
Whose name was Nog.

Nog liked the dog
Whose name was Pog.
So Pog and Nog,
The dog and frog,
Had tea in the bog.
And the bread did not sog.

The End

Pure GENIUS I tell you! The poem ended there because I had run out of "og" words and I had already cheated and used a couple words twice! I originally had plans for a hog to join their tea party but it just never worked out! As you might be able to tell I had only a vague idea of what a bog was. I remember thinking it was some marshy black squishy ground that you could fall into and where there just might be secret boggy rooms and such.
So go read some poetry (I suggest Whittier) and think deep thoughts since my little poem probably isn't very inspiring! Unless of course you ever get lost in a bog and the thought that you just might trip on a log and end up having a tea party with a very nice frog keeps you going!


Dad K said...

I loved this poem!! Reminds me of when you were younger and learning about the joy poem writing!!

Joel said...

Hmmmm...4th grade is when students using the BJ curriculum are assigned to read "Medallion" which includes a character named Nog who lives under a bog and speaks in rhyme most of the time. I think the main character (whose name I forget) even falls into that bog and has tea in a nice little secret house/room underneath...coincidence?

Karen said...

Hey! He ripped me off!!! I actually don't remember if I had read that when I wrote that poem but I do remember the moments of creation and I didn't at least PURPOSELY plagiarize!

Anonymous said...