Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chasin' Rainbows

It was a rainbow kind of day...a prism in the kitchen caught the sun and threw rainbows all over the walls. Erik spotted one and chased it into the hallway!Caught it!You need sunshine to make a rainbow...good thing I have a sunshine boy!
A couple days we went outside to enjoy the nice weather. It might look like Erik is chasin' his sisters...

But if you look closely Abby and Katie are drawing rainbows!Sunshine Boy is always full of smiles for mommy!Time to be on the move again!Where will this next chase lead?Another rainbow?No rainbows but sometimes sidewalks can be fascinating and just plain fun to crawl on especially if you get to crawl over chalk pictures! Two happy days that started with a rainbow chase and ended with creating rainbow pants!
Those were pretty good days!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Karen he is too cute! He's definitely looking a lot like Katie, huh? What a darling. He needs hugs and smooches from his Auntie Erin, that's for sure. :)

Karen said...

Wish we could come out so you could give him some!!!