Thursday, January 7, 2010

School Days

Sometimes Katie asks me questions that I wasn't expecting for a couple more years. When she was 3 1/2 due to her questions we discussed in detail the different aspects of heaven, angels, and the Trinity. After that discussing other subjects hasn't really been as complicated but like today it was still kind of hard!

During this quarter of school I decided that it was time for the girls to learn the proper names of the coins and the dollar so they would stop calling them all quarters or as they pronounce it "torters". So I had them get out their piggy banks and pick out a penny, nickle, dime, quarter and a dollar.

They had fun examining them and discussing the ways they were different then after practicing their proper names and how may "pennies" each one equaled I had them glue their money on to a piece of construction paper; except the dollar, we used sticky tac on that because we wouldn't be able to get the dollar off the paper otherwise and in our house a dollar is still a lot of money!

I had them write the amount each piece of money was worth and as Katie was writing she paused, looked up at me and asked, "Why?" Why are they worth that much money mommy and who decided it?" Abby blissfully colored on trying to make the "baby" 'c' with a stick through it.Have you ever tried to explain Fort Knox and the process of how money came to be to a 5 year old? It's pretty great, I think I said "ummmm" about 2 dozen times as I struggled to think of words she would understand. After processing this she examined the dollar closely and said,"Mommy! This looks like it was made with a stamp!" I was very proud of her at that moment since I hadn't explained exactly how they made dollars just that they did. So we discussed in the next few minutes about the huge stamp presses and special paper that they use to make dollars.

She also posed such questions as, "Why is the dime the smallest if its worth more than the penny and nickle?"and "what are they made of" and of course, "Why is the penny the only copper one?" Oh yes and then she asked why the coins from Canada looked different and who decided how they looked and how much they were worth...hmmm...good question!


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness she is looking so grown up these days! Sob! ;)

Dad K said...

Very smart little girl you have!! Loved the pictures!

Carrie said...

Your girls are so smart and so precious!!! I can't wait to start doing more homeschooling! :)