Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What I'd Rather be Doing...

What I am doing: laundry

What I'd rather be doing: sleeping

Why: Because while sleep would be blissful there is no magic laundry fairy that comes during nap to wash, dry, fold, and put away the piles of dirty laundry lurking around my house...not even when I'm sick! Stupid fairies that don't exist! Why can't you be real? Why? WHY?!

What I will be doing: planning out what I will teach the girls in school next week

What I'd rather be doing: Sleeping!

Why: Because while sleep would most certainly make me feel better I have undertaken a serious and real responsibility to educate my children and there is no lesson plan fairy that comes during nap and writes out what to teach in bright, pretty colors! Again, why aren't you real oh fairies of wonder?!

What I will be doing: Unpacking

What I'd rather be doing: SLEEPING!!! (do you detect the pattern here?)

Why: Because I am tired of tripping over half unpacked boxes and not being able to find my horde of crochet hooks and hearing my husband go around mumbling about how he can't find the charger cord for his razor or his favorite shirt which he really, really wanted to wear! Oh and because there is no magic unpacking fairy that comes while you nap to unpack and organize your stuff!

What I will be doing: Cuddling my baby and reading to my girls before tucking them into bed with hugs and kisses! Listening to my girls prayers where they confide in God all their little plans for the next day and dreams for their future days!

What I'd rather be doing: Nothing else in the whole world!

Why: Because even though they are a handfuls that make me sleep deprived and frazzled they are my babies and I love them! AND I am glad there are no magic take-care-of-your-kids fairy that comes during nap to do all the things that make motherhood wonderful! (Author's note:Laundry does not make motherhood wonderful so I'm open to the whole laundry fairy thing!)



Anonymous said...

This is so cute Karen. And if you ever do find that laundry fairy, could you see if she has a twin? I could REALLY use a laundry fairy. :)

Dad K. said...

This was a great, Little Girl!! By the way, if you see the fairy that fixes broken dryers, PLEASE send them my way - LOL. Hugs to you, Joel, Katie, Abby & Erik.