Monday, August 10, 2009

Spotted Abby

Sunday morning Abby woke up with a dozen or so red spots on her arms, legs, hands, and face. around the red spots there was a faint white ring. After investigating her bed to make sure there were no spiders and since they didn't look at all like chicken pox, measles or any of those childhood rashes we decided it must be some sort of reaction to something she ate or had been exposed to. I dabbed some benydril on them and we raced to church.

This morning she has a half dozen new spots and most of the old ones have gotten bigger. We've racked our brains to see what new thing she had been exposed to and remembered Friday and Saturday we decided to let her try yogurt since lactose intolerant people can generally handle yogurt. There has been nothing else new she's had or been exposed to that we know of. Soooooo long story short it appears our Abby might have an actual milk allergy instead of just intolerance.

Now comes the fun-fun stage of testing our theory which includes waiting for the hives to clear up, giving her a big dose of yogurt, and seeing what happens. Milk allergies are stinkers in that they don't necessarily show up in allergy testing, blood or skin, so its generally determined by exposure. Yay us!

As soon as we get insurance (we're waiting while they go over our paper work) we're going to take her in to talk to the doctor about our findings just to be sure. Sometimes hives just happen for no reason that can be determined and it could be just some fluke thing that floated by and made her break out. Hopefully time and testing will tell!

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