Monday, July 27, 2009


First here's some cute pictures of the girls holding Erik. Abby especially likes to hold him and make sure all his needs are met. If Erik starts to fuss Abby immediately gets his binky, blankie, and tries her best to bundle him up with binky in mouth! Super cute!Now for the oops. I'm nursing Erik but as he is the slowest nurser on earth I switched to pumping and giving him a bottle to speed things up. Well, the greedy little guy is eating more than either of the girls and I started to fall behind on milk production. So I decided to make his night time bottles stretch by doing 2 ounces formula with 3 ounces of my milk. So late Saturday night he had his first bottle, he didn't seem to like it as much but he got down 4 ounces. Second feeding came early Sunday morning where he seemed to have a lot of gas and did not want his bottle but he drank 2 ounces. I was a little worried but thought maybe the mixed milk was a lot more filling. Then his right-before-church bottle came along. He drank 3 ounces and when I handed him to Joel so I could get the girls dressed he promptly urped it all up all over Joel and Joel's comfy chair.

We made it to church though Erik was very grouchy and kept spitting up. I coaxed an ounce down him during the service but he urped it up as soon as we got home. Then came the day of him drinking small amounts of milk and urping it up all over his outfits and Joel. Somehow poor Joel was always the one holding him when Erik decided to empty his tummy. Poor Daddy!

Sooooo...after lots of coaxing, back pats, changes of outfits and cuddles Erik is starting to act normal again. He isn't up to his normal milk consumption yet but he's half way there and hasn't urped anything for the last two feedings. We're praying that he isn't going to lactose intolerant like Abby but even she didn't have that strong of a reaction to formulas when I tried to give her some. For right now I'm making enough milk (sorry if this TMI for some of you!) since he isn't drinking as much now but if I fall behind again we'll have the fun task of going through the "sensitive" formulas to see if he can keep those down.

Other than that things are going well out here. The girls are enjoying having their own rooms and Joel and I are enjoying that they don't keep each other awake at night anymore! The girls have already made "best friends" at church with other little girls their age and Katie has a devoted admirer who loves to stand by her and just gaze upon her beauty! I had a hard not laughing when he came up beside us and was just happy to look at Katie. She glanced at him a couple times as if she was trying to figure out what in the world he was doing and then she fell to staring at him. Ah young love! :)

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