Friday, July 24, 2009

Baby Erik

Here is my long over due blog entry announcing the birth of my son Erik Benjamin Mitchell! Isn't he sweet?! He was very pretty because he didn't have to get all sqished on the way out. Notice the lack of cone head! While Erik was getting cleaned up, measured, and weighed I was stuck under the blue tent getting sewn back together. Erik turned breach a day or two before I went in to have him so I had to have a C-section. All I have to say about that is NOT FUN! Women who choose to have a C-section because they think it will be easier are CRAZY! Sure there's no pain beside the numbing stuff they put in your spine but the aftermath is horrific! Plus little Erik was naughty and swam away from the doctors so they had to cut a "T" into my uterus to get to him making it impossible for me to deliver naturally... way to go Erik! :)

So as not to scare anyone who someday might have to get a C-section I will say my experience was a bit more nasty than usual because I am very sensitive to strong medications so for the next 6 hours or so I shook, threw up, was freezing cold but also sweating. Joel said they put an inflatable blanket thing on me that was filled with warm air...I have no memory of this. Here I am finally able to hold Erik after my shaking subsided. I had to wait 6 hours to hold him which was terrible but I was reassured whenever I swam up through the drug induced fog to see Joel holding him and on one occasion giving him a bottle. Joel told me I talked to my Dad during my out-of-it time but I really have no memory of that either...sorry Dad!The next day Joel's parents brought the girls by. They had been by the night before to see us but I was still so out of it that they saw Erik in the entryway behind the curtain so they wouldn't be traumatized by a shaking half-comatose mommy. The girls loved seeing Erik and didn't want to leave his side!I pumped some milk so Joel could give Erik a bottle before he went home to be with the girls. Aren't they sweet?!Aren't I a pretty pretty princess? The hospital food was gross, even for hospital food and I had a mouthful of it there...ick! I was ravenous because they had me on a liquid diet a full 24 hours more than they were supposed to (apparently the day nurse did not get that memo and I was stuck with juice and watery sherbet...yuck!) and all there was to eat was swill! Well, the spice cake was good but besides that it was swill!Here he is all ready to go home! I had him on Sunday and they kicked me out noon on Wednesday! I was happy to be going home, (I cannot sleep in hospitals!) but a bit alarmed at how fast they showed me the door...I suspect my insurance had something to do with it!

My little guy weighed 7lbs 12 oz and was 18 1/2 inches long and was born June 14th at 12:22 pm. He has since grown like a weed and is very good boy who sleeps six hours straight at night! I must go for now...more pictures will be forthcoming but my son needs to eat!

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Art Kilmer said...

What fun! I looked at your other posts too, and I am happy to see that Erik seems to be getting some hair. Wonderful news!