Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baby Doctor

Today was my "Baby Doctor" appointment and I'm pleased to report that I am 1 cm dilated! I'm not ready to go the hospital or anything but I didn't dilate with the girls at all until at least the 37th week so I'm two weeks ahead of schedule! Yay! I had my final ultrasound last Thursday and the baby weighed approximately 5 lbs 8 oz, so he's on target to be about 8 lbs if he's born on time which is bigger than both the girls (of course that wouldn't be too hard of a challenge!). My OB chatted pleasantly about when he would induce me if I didn't go by myself (I haven't yet!) and the very nice man said he could deliver on my due date no problem or even a week early if I wanted too, I think I love him!

Since the baby is bigger than the girls and very, very active my OB has high hopes that I will go early all by myself. Apparently wiggly babies can break their water better than laid back babies and this baby is way more active than either of the girls! Katie liked to try and stand up in my womb and Abby packed a good punch but this little guy is all over the place kicking, punching, rolling, and sticking his feet up into my ribs and stomach. I only had a touch of heartburn with Katie and hardly any with Abby but with this guy I'm popping Tums every night to keep the acid down! At least all that extra calcium is healthy!

So, even though I'll still probably have to wait til my due date it is exciting to think the process has begun and I'm in the final phase of pregnancy! Yay! Soon I'll have a little bundle of joy to cuddle and moon over! The girls are very excited too and literally jump up and down with excitement since we've passed Mother's Day which was the last "big day" marker ( since Thanksgiving we've had a list of holidays to check off before the baby could come to help Katie and Abby grasp how much time would pass) until the baby's due date.

One of the awkward results of having two inquisitive little ones is the fact that they are well informed about pregnancy (at least most parts of it!) due to their endless questions and are willing to share information about it with perfect strangers. We went to Outback steakhouse for Mother's Day (yummy yummy Bloomin' Onion!) and while we were waiting for our table Abby shared everything she knew about pregnancy and birth with the nice lady who sat beside us. She included the last step with big eyes and sweeping hand motions of how the baby was "going to come out of mommy's pee-pee!" which fortunately the lady thought was cute and endearing! Gotta love little kids frank honesty and lack of embarrassment! I'll share more about Mother's Day later but for now I have to scamper and clean some more! I think I'm into the nesting phase, yesterday I scrubbed out the fridge, the girls coloring table, and the walls around their coloring table and still felt twitchy because there were just so many more surfaces to scrub! :)

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Art Kilmer said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I love Abby. She rocks.