Monday, April 6, 2009

Catch Up

I've been neglecting my blogs lately but I do have a good reason for those of you who actually read my blogs,like them, and care: I fell on my bottom. :) I was going to do a really long explanation of the traumatic experience but my backside hurts too much to sit and type for that long! So I'll sum up...2 weeks ago the girls left a book on the stairs. Early that Sunday morning (around midnight) I hurried down the stairs to use the bathroom and did not see the book but my foot made up for my blindness by being kind enough to find it. I went flying and landed with a terrific crash then bumped down a couple stairs just for fun I guess. Poor Joel came running thinking I had broken my leg and I thought I had broken my bottom, the whole thing! It always amazes how much falling on your bottom on stairs hurts...if you recall I fell on our porch stairs a year ago and got a very impressive painful bruise but that bruise was higher up almost my lower back, this owie was squarely on my tailbone area.

We went in to the maternity ward at the hospital Monday morning after I called my OBGYN nurse who scolded me for not going in right away, apparently falling on your bottom is considered a :trauma" when you're pregnant. I got hooked up to the baby monitor which records the baby's heartbeat and movement and Joel took the girls back home until he could locate a sitter. The nurse informed me that I would be there at 4 hours for observation. They knew that the baby and my uterus were perfectly fine about 5 minutes after I got hooked up but I still had to stay for the whole 4 hours...grrrrrrrr! The worst part was that I had to lie on my back which meant I was on my poor sore bottom the whole time!

Joel got back after about 2 hours just as I was getting my lunch which had originally gone to the wrong lady who was also being monitored who wasn't supposed t0 eat because they were considering inducing her. I was very cranky at this point and when I finally did get my lunch I was very upset that they had forgotten my roll ( I LOVE rolls!) especially when I saw that the lady who had gotten my original tray had one and she hadn't even eaten it!!! I didn't say anything though (well, I did to Joel who just laughed at me) because I didn't want to get a roll garnished with spit or something.

So after 4 bottom-wrenching hours I was finally released. We picked up the girls and swung by Starbucks for a treat. There was a McDonald's in the parking lot next to Starbucks so I also got french fries and an ice cream cone; my husband is very nice too me! We got home just before 5 all exhausted but Joel was happy he at least got to skip an entire day of work, except for the pay part. :)Since my flight down the stairs I've discovered exactly how much is connected to your tailbone and how painful a bruised one is! I'm getting better now but I can't even stand without it hurting, or walk , or sit, or sleep really! Last night though when I layed on my left side my bottom did not hurt for an entire hour! I wanted to do a happy dance but that would have brought tears to my eyes so I just smiled into the darkness and patted Joel who mumbled something about not snoring and continued to snore softly as he slept. :) My husband is cute!

So, I haven't been blogging becasue I can't sit for more than 5 minutes without having to get up and walk around a little to ease the pain. This morning I decided to grit my teeth and type as fast as I could since I know there are people out there who worry about me when I don't have any contact with the outside world! oh, on a side note...Joel got me one of those inflatable doughnuts to sit on which works pretty well. Katie and Abby are fascinated by it and I've caught Katie wearing it on her head like a tiara and sitting on it to read her books; silly girl! :)

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