Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day

Valentines Day this year was fun and busy! We managed to snag a sitter (we actually had to share a sitter but the girls got to go over to Baby Chase's house so they were happy!) and made plans to go to Olive Garden for a relaxing dinner of never ending salad bowl. Joel had the entire day off work so we tried to sleep in a little but the neighbours had other things in mind and woke us all up at the normal time. So we tumbled downstairs in a sleepy but exited tumble to see what presents we had received.

Now in our family its our tradition to give each other a little something for Valentines Day mostly because its my second favorite holiday and I love giving presents to my husband and little ones! Abby got 2 monkeys, one form us and one from Katie and Katie Rose got a very pink pony from us and a bear with a pink rose (her current favorite flower) from Abby. As usual Abby would not smile for the camera but she did do her 'monkey face' and in the second picture they decided there was a monster on their bed and needed to scream! Here's a shot of Katie cuddling her pony which she named "Red Heart" while she sleeps! Abby finally gave me a big smile and even though her monkeys aren't really in it I thought it was a pretty cute shot! Joel got me a dvd of "Casablanca" one of my all-time favorite movies! We weren't able to watch it that night which was what Joel had planned but we did watch it the next night. That is such a good movie! I was particularly pleased with the gift I had found for Joel this year. After months of not being able to decided what to get I came upon the big idea which I must admit was not my own. My dear Sister Puppy Fairy Princess In-Law had gotten my brother a classic Nintendo for Christmas and since he loved it so much and his taste is a lot like my husbands I decided I would try and get one! So I surfed around on Ebay until I found an unit that seemed cheap enough to be affordable but cost enough to atctually work...bonus was it came with a storage case and 3 games including the original Super Mario Brother's game and Duck Hunt! Joel was very excited when he opened his eyes and saw it! He plugged it in right away and we had a nice walk down memory lane as we remembered the silly things we use to do with the game or where the special treats were. The girls didn't quite get the point of it all but Katie decided she liked it after we told her the point of the game was to rescue the princess at the end!

Around noon we decided to take the girls out for a special Valentines lunch at Panera Bread, which the girls love to eat at as much as we do! Since it was Valentines day they got to take their presents in with them, normally we do not allow any stuffed animals or toys in any shops or restaurants. Sadly, Abby forgot her monkeys in the van so Daddy became super Daddy and went out and fetched them for her while we stood in line.
After feasting there we decided to go to a couple other shops and then trek out to Wilkes Barre to the Eddie Bower outlet and Barnes and Noble book store. Joel found a nice laptop holder/briefcase/satchel thing and I enjoyed looking at around at all the nice clothes I could not fit into for at least another five months!
We came back home and Abby had a nap while we watched a movie and then it was time to go on our date! Yay! We dropped the girls off and then it was off to Olive Garden! After being cut off by a very rude lady who stole our parking spot we finally found another parking spot and hurried into the restaurant with dreams of Caesar salad dancing in our heads.
We had a to wait a few minutes in line to get our names on the seating list and found out the wait was 80-90 minutes. We just shrugged and smiled, we had no children with us and we were together so what was an hour-and-a-half wait? After ten minutes of standing I felt like I was going to pass out but fortunately at that moment the couch opened up and I pounced on it. The next hour passed relatively fast while Joel and I had fun "people watching", chit-chatting about general stuff, and gazing affectionately into each other's eyes! :)
Exactly 85 minutes went by before we were shown to our table and then the feasting began! I love Olive Garden's Caesar salad, it is sooooooo yummy! Joel had some shrimp dish and I had a chicken three cheese gnocchi dish that was veeeeery yummy! Because we had no children to order for we got an appetizer and separate drinks, amazing! It was weird eating out and not having to chase crayons, draw Val, cut up food, and mop up spills! My food was actually hot when I started to eat! We had a really nice time and the girls had fun at their little friends house too so the night was a success!
Joel had Monday off so it was a true 3-day weekend for him and we spent most of it playing the Nintendo or bargain shopping. My skills have vastly improved since my first go at Mario where I died in level 2! This morning while taking a chore break I actually beat the game, which is something I've only done once before! My approach to the hard levels is to run screaming through them until I die or reach the end, this time I reached the end! Katie jumped up and down and clapped when she saw the princess and even Abby got excited!
So we had nice relaxing fun weekend, the only thing bad about it was the baby deciding he needed to reinstate mommy's morning sickness that had finally disappeared a few days before. What a nice Valentines Day gift from my son...hugging the porcelain thrown while hurling my breakfast in as my hubby puts "hideous sounding ways", gotta love being pregnant!

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