Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Bouncing Baby...

Warning...this entry tells the gender of our baby so if you want to be surprised read no further!!!

Yesterday afternoon I had an ultrasound...Our baby really was bouncy, wouldn't stay still long enough for the poor tech to take pictures and get measurements so we were there quite awhile. Katie's eyes were glued to the monitor for the first twenty minutes and then she commented that it was taking "such a long time!" and started to get a tad bit impatient. Abby was interested for a few minutes and then grew more concerned about the cup of water she had left out in the waiting room and mentioned it every few minutes. Both girls got a print out of the picture above which they studied and kept close to them at all times!

Eventually the poor man did get the information he needed and then it was time to see if we could find out whether we needed more pink in our house or blue! The baby was feisty and kept moving and kicking and punching, at one point we saw Baby Pumpkin wiggle his/her little baby fingers! Then, when we were about to give up hope the baby decided to give up and gave us a full frontal flash! Triumphant, the tech announced that the baby was a ... boy!

At first Katie was disappointed and cried a little because she wanted the baby to be a girl. On the way home she cheered up when I told her she could pick whatever boy thing she wanted for the baby, she decided on a "baby soccer ball"! Abby was a tiny bit upset to find out the baby was a boy but she shrugged it off pretty fast and got excited about finding a binky for the baby. Joel and I are of course very excited! After Joel got off work we raced to the mall for a celebratory dinner and small baby boy shopping spree. We found a couple of cute outfits (on sale!) and Joel decided our general theme for the boy would be doggies. I had a ladies meeting at church to go to and then when that was over we drove out to Target to register because I (and perhaps Joel) was too excited to wait another night! The girls had a blast picking out things for the baby! We had forgotten how many things a baby needs but it was fun to look at all the stuff and pick out boyish patterns! Joel found a super cute bull dog stuffed animal which we bought as the baby's first official toy!
Sadly, Katie did not find the baby soccer ball and the binky section at Target was decimated so I guess we have to go shopping again this weekend! Oh no! :)
So let the invasion of blues and greens in our house begin!


Living this crazy life said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited I'm actually leaving a comment and identifying your internet stalker. I'm so happy for you guys! -Teresa

Art Kilmer said...

Oh, Boy, are you guys gonna have your hands FULL!