Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kickin' Back!

Yesterday I had an appointment with my OBGYN. The visit was went wonderfully! When the doctor put the microphone thingy on my tummy to get the heartbeat Baby Pumpkin took personal issue with it and started kicking! He/she kicked so hard the instrument bounced right of my stomach! The baby's heartbeat was good and strong and of course he/she was very responsive to outside stimuli which is a very good sign. :)

I thought I had imagined half of the "kicks" I felt but now I think most of them must have been the baby. It is incredibly easy to get little Pumpkin started! All I have to do is lie down and put my hand on my lower stomach and off he/she goes! Last night Joel felt Pumpkin kick for the first time! Aren't babies fun?!

During our trip to MI the baby would kick along the seat belt until I repositioned it and whenever I lay on my left side the little one kicks the mattress for all he/she is worth! I think we might have a little soccer player in there!

The "he/she" thing is getting kind of old so you'll be happy to hear I have an ultrasound scheduled for February 3rd where (God willing!) we'll find out if the baby is a boy or girl and then I'll be able to use the appropriate gender! Yay! Last night we were at the mall looking for dress pants for Joel and I saw the sweetest baby outfits! I had to resist buying any even though there were some really cute yellow ducky outfits! I suppose I can wait two and a half weeks before buying anything, maybe!

So that was my happy news...Baby Pumpkin is healthy and strong and having fun kickin' back!

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