Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Mozart's Birthday!

Today is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Birthday! Yay! As many as you know he is my all time
favorite composer! As I write this I hear the soft strains of his music coming from my girls room. Katie can work her CD player quite well and the CD she picks to listen to most of the time is "The Mozart Effect; Mozart for moms or moms-to-be". It's also the CD I've played for them as they go to sleep each night since Katie was born (with the exception of a CD 'Mozart for Relaxation' and a Christmas CD for the month of December). So here's a quick salute to Mozart!

Last night we were watching some tv and munching on some gummy bears when there was a reference to Mozart's work. I'm not sure how many people would have recognized the nod but it made me bounce up and down and exclaim happily! So here's the reference- the whole episode was about this guy trying to find the restaurant that made the 'perfect burger' that he had eaten the when he had first moved to NY eight years before. So finally his friends get fed up with him moaning about it and start out on a quest to find this burger shop.

At one point they think they've found the place but he takes a bite and says "No" and then he goes into this explanation about how wonderful this burger is and as he starts in I comment how much it sounds like Salieri in the movie "Amadeus" as he describes a particular piece of music Mozart had composed Serenade for Winds, K. 361(this happens to be my almost favorite piece of Mozart's work). Then that exact piece of music starts playing in the background and his speech is unmistakably Salieri's just with burger vocabulary stuck in in place of music! It made me laugh so hard!

Anyway... Here's to Mozart-a crazy (literally), happy drunk who somehow managed to write the world's most beautiful music that has endured through the ages! Well, God does use the
foolish things of this world to astound the wise!

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