Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Joy of Nausea

Now that I have announced I am pregnant I get to fill you in on all that's happened in the last three months! I feeeeeeeeel iiiiiiickyyyyyyyy!!! Yep, that about sums it up! My poor dear husband has put up with waking up to his wife vomiting, coming home from a long day of work to his wife vomiting, and being greeted on his birthday by his wife, you guessed it, vomiting! I've always had bad nausea when pregnant but this baby is making me sick with a vengeance! With Katie I had morning and evening sickness, with Abby morning and some evening sickness, with this baby I have all day sickness! Baby Pumpkin is determined no food shall stay in my stomach for more than an hour! They say the worse the nausea the healthier the baby so little Pumpkin must be the healthiest baby in the world!

However my OBGYN and I have foiled my little ones plans! Did you know there is a lovely pill out there that stops nausea? It's wonderful! It was developed for people undergoing chemo but also works for all nausea and is safe for pregnant women. Hallelujah! Down side, they cost a lot of money at $10 a pill. :( Upside, I got some for free! Yay! Last night after taking a magical pill I prepared and ate two helpings of taco salad with Italian dressing, yummmmm!

So as you might have guessed we're all hoping for a boy except Katie who is absolutely convinced the baby is a girl and we are going to name her Sarah Jane. After I had my ultrasound Katie wasn't as sure the baby was a girl. After looking inently at the picture of the baby she said,"I guess the baby might not be a girl mommy.". I guess she was expecting to see the baby dressed in pink or something :). The ultrasound guy was really nice and printed a picture of the baby for both of the girls. They were so excited! When we left the office the girls showed the picture to everyone we met and exclaimed, "Look! this is our baby!"! They were too cute!

Here is a hopeful difference between how I felt when I was pregnant with the girls and how I feel with this baby. With Katie and Abby I preferred sweet food over salty, with this baby the thought of sugar makes me gag! I want salty food, especially if its spicy! If I could eat at Taco Bell everyday I would be a very happy pregnant lady! The couple gals I've talked to who have had boys said they too craved Taco Bell! Here's hopin'!

Another fun thing about this pregnancy is that I already had to switch to maternity clothes. With Katie I like to think I was showing at 5 months but Joel just laughs at me. I showed a little earlier with Abby but with this baby my muscles have already given up. On Sunday I wore a maternity outfit and everyone who saw me gave me that "Oh! You're pregnant! Yay!" smile. The florist at our grocery store (one of the girls favorite people) saw my tummy and asked me when I was due. It's very exciting to be able to follow my tummy around at only 12 weeks!

Along with all the excitement and new discoveries about this pregnancy there is the worry. I think I held my breath for the first 10 weeks until I heard the babies heartbeat. I was very nervous for the ultrasound, though we had heard Pumpkin's heartbeat. The last ultrasound I had was when we found out I had miscarried. There was nothing worse then instead of seeing my babies toes and tummy I saw nothing but black. On the way to Pumpkin's first photo shoot I prayed the entire time! When our baby did pop up on the screen I was so relieved and happy! I am trying to take it day by day and purposely think positively. I know I can trust God, He is always faithful. I don't know what is going to happen tomorrow but He does and that does bring comfort. It's also very comforting to know how many people are praying for me and our little baby. Our Christian friends encouraging words have been very uplifting; our church family is wonderfully supportive!

So Joel and I have a boy's name all picked out but were stumped on a girl's name. I think we've used up all the girl names we mutually liked and now all that is left are the names only one of us care for. Any ideas? Remember, Joel and I prefer traditional names with significant meanings and also we like to name babies after relatives we admire. We are not into the Hollywood names like Helicopter Inspektor, or Peaches, or Apple, or Sunday or any other fruit or days of the week! Have a happy day everyone!

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Art Kilmer said...

Is there really someone named Helicopter Inspektor, or where you just being dumb???? I like the name Sarah Jane for a girl by the way, Katie has good taste. Besides, it would be a way cool reference to the old Doctor Who tv show. Ha! How about something new and edgy, like Zyola? There is a girl in Ryan's kindergarten class with that name: a cute, normal, white girl. When I first heard I thought maybe she was from some obscure 3rd world country like Wannahack Alugie or something. I guess my White Anglo-saxon Male ignorance rears its ugly head again.