Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Heart Beat

Yesterday I had another OBGYN appointment. After my usual quality time with the loo I woke up the girls and rushed around getting ready for my 8:10 am appointment. As we rushed out the door I forgot to grab my morning banana which usually chases away my nausea, this is an important point for later. We actually got to the office on time and I was promptly called back. My blood pressure was good as was my bodily fluid sample but I hadn't gained any wait, I had actually lost 2 pounds. The nurse assured me this was fine since I had such horrendous morning sickness but I was still a bit nervous, I've never lost weight during any of my pregnancies before.

All during this pregnancy I have tried very hard to be optimistic, rely on God and His strength and not think my last pregnancy has anything to do with how this one was going to go. Still, the butterflies would flutter about as I waited for my OB to find the baby's heartbeat. It took him awhile to find it, probably one whole minute which felt like an hour to me as I laid there. And then the breathtaking part, the fast rhythmic beating of a little heart. Tears pricked my eyes as I listened to my baby's heart beating away and my OB beamed at the world in general (My OB rocks!). He said according to old wives tales the baby's heart beat is in the range that means its a boy. We joked happily for a few minutes to the tune of the unique whooshy-whooshy sound of a baby's heart then he wrapped up the appointment.

After my OB left I took a moment to praise God for the health of our baby and all the He has taught me about depending on Him for everything. In a month I'll have my next checkup and in 6 weeks another ultrasound where, God willing, we'll find out if I'm carrying a boy or a girl. Katie is the only one routing for another girl and has gone from the name Sarah Jane for the baby to "flower". We can't decide on a girls name either but have a boy name all picked out.

After we left the doctors office Joel was kind enough to take me to McDonald's to get my favorite breakfast sandwich-a sausage egg Mcmuffin. My husband is infinitely patient with my all day morning sickness and only grumbled a little about being late for work as I threw up in McDonald's parking lot. My tummy had been empty too long and I hadn't had my banana to tame the ickies. Poor Joel! Ten minutes later I was munching on my egg mcmuffin (the wonder of pregnancy, you can get sick and be hungry ten seconds later) and chattering to Joel about the baby and Christmas and whatever else happened to pop into my head.

The rest of the day was rough though. I threw up everything I ate and Joel had to get Draino on his way home from work, and more banana's, after I promised to stop throwing up in the sink. Today I feel a bit better, Joel bought me some vitamin water with lots of vitamin B in it which helps my tummy and of course I have my banana's.

Last night we had a tragedy; Val was missing! It was sad! Katie had to go to bed without him for the first time since she got him when she was 7 months old. She didn't fall asleep until ten o'clock, I felt disgusting, and Joel tried to clean up the living room while keeping his sanity. Today we threw ourselves into the Great Val Hunt of '08. I had this secret fear that I had thrown him out with the trash which had just gotten picked up. Then an hour into our hunt Abby's excited voice came from my bedroom, "I found Val Mommy! I found him!". Oh, beautiful words! Our house has now returned to a more normal state, the girls are playing happily, Joel has no homework tonight, and I've only thrown up once! Yay!

Here's a shout out to my niece/nephew baby Sprinkle who's gender is no longer a mystery! Congrats Art and Erin! Love to the everyone!


Nigel West said...

Sorry to hear about your "morning" sickness. Although it doesn't relieve the sickness, we have helped a few mums to be in the UK with our sick bags. If you could email me with your address (contact details on I'll post some over to you.

Art Kilmer said...

I love that little heartbeat sound! It's amazing everytime! Sam has taken to playing "baby in mommy's tummy" whenever he's in a grocery cart and will make the woosh-woosh sound and say "look you can hear my heart beat!"