Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Projects and Pets!

I've been busy these past two weeks, or rather I've kept myself busy. I am still trying to get all of my half finished craft projects done and I'm determined to get most of them done by Christmas! I wrote myself out a nice schedule going all the way into the first week of December. I like schedules and lists! I like crossing of an accomplished task, it just makes me happy down deep! I started this list two weeks ago and had gotten a little behind due to needing lavender thread and having to make fresh stencils for the top stitching on a quilt I'm working on. Last night I got all caught up while Joel read to me from an excellent series "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell" which I am enjoying so much I just had to mention it! So here are some things I've finished up this week!

First up is Abby's birth record. Like Katie, I had a hard time finding one that fit Abby's personality but then while browsing through a craft catalog one day I found it! Joel agreed it fi\or Abby's personality exactly! We especially liked that all the animals have the sound they make by them since Abby called most animals by their sound when she started talking!
Here I have to break off from completed crafts to show our two new pets! Sadly, my nose and skin had become extremely sensitive to our guinea pig Starbucks so we decided it was time to find him a new home. After a couple months of no success an very nice lady called and he went home with her that night.
I told Katie and Abby about it a couple hours before she arrived so they could get used to the idea before it happened. At first Katie was inconsolable but she calmed down when I told her the lady had a guinea pig that Starbucks could play with. This idea charmed her and she agreed that it was better for Starbucks if he could be with someone who could pet him. Abby didn't seem to mind that much but when Starbucks was loaded up in the ladies car she burst out crying and tried to climb in with him! I hugged her while she cried and we waved goodbye and blew kisses. She felt better later on that night and became happy that Starbucks had another guinea pig to play with.
Since we were now petless Joel and I decided to get the girls some very inexpensive Goldfish as a replacement pet. We went Wal-Mart got a fish bowl and let the girls pick out two fish. Katie chose a white one which she named "Blacky" and Abby chose a gold one which she named "Fred". Here's Katie with the new fishies!

I didn't understand why Katie named her white gold fish "Blacky" but if you look very close you can see that the tips of his tail are black and his bottom lip though you can't see that in the picture. If you can't see the black tips don't worry, you're not going blind, it's just really subtle!Here's Abby checking out the fishies! We're not sure why Abby chose to name her fish "Fred", we didn't know she knew that name! I love that my girls are constantly surprising us and making us laugh!Here's another finished project, a quilt for Abby! Katie has two quilts I made and Abby only had one so I decide it was time Abby had a second one. Joel picked out the "snowball" pattern and helped pick out the fabrics too.Here she is modeling it! She wouldn't give me the cutsie-oostie smile I wanted until I let her pose the way she wanted to...which I have learned is the best way to get that one-in-a-million shot! Of course the dumb computer refuses to load these two pictures any way except sideways!Katie wanted her picture taken with her newest quilt too so here she is with her latest cheezy pose which she is also doing in the above fishy shot!So that's it for now! I'm in the process of doing a lot of other projects and soon I'll have more to show you! Until then remember Christmas is only 64 days away! :) Yay Christmas!

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