Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Katie's School

Monday, September 1st, Katie and I embarked on an epic journey: school! That's right! I decided to put my college training to work and do a bit of preschool with Katie. All summer we've kept our eyes open for deals and bought a few things here and there to try and make her school as real as possible. We found a little card table at Big Lots complete with four cushioned folding chairs, which we thought would make a good desk. We got a bulletin board and I colored all sorts of decorations and then lamented them with my small laminator that I bought with saved up babysitting and Ebay earnings. We even got her a globe! She was so excited when Monday finally came around! I got her dressed in her brand new "school" outfit and after breakfast we were ready!Here she is with the ladybug puzzle we bought for school! She checked out her other supplies for the day and got so happy she had to do a little dance!Our first class of the day was Reading and here she is writing the letter 'A'. She was so excited! She had a hard time learning how to make an 'A' mostly because she had already devised a way of shaping them by writing an 'H' then putting a hat on it as you can see from the picture below! The last 'A' on the first row she did herself but for the rest I guided her hand.After she practiced for awhile it was time to learn what sound the 'A' made and color some pictures with the letter 'A' in them.
She was very proud of her new "big girl" markers and loved coloring with them!You might be wondering what Abby was doing this whole time well, at first she was still finishing her breakfast and then while Katie colored she got to play with my dry erase board. She was really good at getting the caps on and off the marker and wiping the board off with a Kleenex so I went back to Katie.Which resulted in Abby needing a bath!While Abby soaked Katie and I resumed classes, it was time to learn how to write the number '1'. Katie found '1' much easier and soon had mastered the number!
Which made her super excited!I circled her best '1's and let her pick out a star sticker to put on her paper since she had done such a good job!

After practicing her number 1 she got to color a picture of 1 doggy!Which, of course, she was very excited about!Then for our last class of the day we started the ladybug puzzle to exercise that smart brain of hers! She put together two pieces while I took Abby potty and was very good at knowing where the pieces went!This is how far we got before we needed to take a break. Katie did all of the ladybug herself and most of the border.We finished it later that day after Joel got home from class.Here's a display of Katie's hard work! If you look on the my number book you can see that Katie wrote her name! I thought she needed help and helped her write the 'K' , 'a', and 't' before I believed her insisting she could write her name herself. I underestimated her and she could write the rest of her name quite well by herself. She got a little confused where we left of however and wrote two 't's but she fixed it by writing an 'i' over top! Katie did very well in her studies and seems to really enjoy her first taste of school! I am so proud of my little one!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Laura is homeschooling her boys this year-- she's keeping a homeschool blog, you should check it out!


Art Kilmer said...

ooooooo how cute!!!!