Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Love...

Today as I was going through my amazingly huge amount of pictures, I was struck by how many of the pictures just made me smile. I was once again amused by the differences of my girls and how I love them for their individuality. So today I thought I'd share few out of the many that things I love about my girls.
I love...

... Katie's unshakable faith and optimism! Now I am an optimist but even I did not believe that the flower Katie is holding would grow. This Spring the girls and I planted flowers and some veggies in pots for our back porch. Katie chose a bright pink Morning Glory and carefully planted it while chattering away about how she was going to water it everyday and it would be so pretty (that girl cannot be quite to save her life!). All went well until one night we had huge rainstorm and Katie's pot was under am overflow spot on our drains. The water poured down so hard that the half the dirt was completely gone from the pot and spread all over the porch.

I was certain there were no seeds left but Katie was sure her little plant would still grow. I gently warned her not to expect any plants to grow and it was okay if she wanted to buy some new seeds but she would not be swayed, her response was, "It's okay mommy, I still love this plant and it will grow if I water it!". So everyday Katie watered it faithfully and I watched with growing sadness as nothing came of it. She would sit by the pot and chatter to it and give it hugs while assuring me that someday it would grow and make a pretty pink flower that would be so big!

I thought of secretly planting seeds in the pot after she was in bed but decided against it, I don't like cheating in any form and didn't want a false accomplishment for my daughter. Still, I was very troubled by the whole thing and wanted to keep my daughter from heartbreak. One morning, 2 months later, I walked out onto our porch and to my utter astonishment there was a small ,green seedling in Katie's pot! I called her and she came running. As soon as she saw her little plant she did her happy dance and then embraced the pot. She was happy but not at all surprised as I was!

Now Joel and I remained doubtful that the seedling was actually the flower that she planted. We thought perhaps a bird had knocked some birdseed in or a weed had taken root but to our continued surprise that plant grew and I knew once I saw the mature leaves that her morning glory was indeed growing.

A few days ago the first flower bloomed and my very small daughter taught me a lesson about unwavering faith even when no one else believes! ... looking out at my clothesline and seeing the wonderful proof that I have children even if it does mean that my Abby May has had a milk incident!...the simple things that make my daughters happy! My girls love autumn! They love pumpkins and scarecrows and different colored leaves so when the store started putting out their fall wares I decided to make the girls their very own pumpkins (because its cheaper and I enjoy making things). So we went to JoAnn Fabrics and I let Katie choose which orange fabric we should use (didn't she do a good job?!), Abby helped me hunt through the bargain bins until we found the little felt leaves, flower, and acorn.

Katie handed me the pieces as I sewed them together and Abby helped me stuff them . The girls chose which leaf, flower or acorn they wanted and watched to make sure I glued them on in the correct position. Abby's is the sunflower pumpkin and Katie's is the acorn pumpkin. These little guys continue to delight the girls and they take them to bed each night and insist on taking them in the car whenever we go anywhere!

...Abby's continual surprises! After our tomato plant seeds were planted Abby decided to add some bird seed when I wasn't looking! I thought I had gotten all of the extra seeds out but found out later I hadn't! this beautiful little sunflower and the unknown green plant with little white flowers is the result! Now when ever I see its cheery face I think of my Abby May who is equally pretty and cheerful!

...My girls affection for little people and their cheezy "EEEEEEEEEEE!" grins!...Abby's impish smile where she seems to be saying, "Yes I'm naughty but don't you just love me anyway?!"
...their unending affection for their beloved "Baby Chase"!...their tenderheartedness! Here they are trying to comfort Chase!...the way they want to make sure everyone is happy! Here they are making sure Chase is properly entertained! Katie decided to blow bubbles and Abby got him a bright basketball to play with! with two princess' whose femininity is a lovely thing to behold!... that I can tell at first glance which side of the room is Katie's and which is Abby's! ...that Abby is a sporty princess who always puts her hat on backwards and piles on the bling!...that Katie is a dainty princess and is always as graceful and delicate as she can be!...that my girls love me even when I don't give them what they want; make their oatmeal too hot, too cold, or too sticky; can't handle another round of The Lady Bug Game, Chutes and Ladders, or Candy Land; forget to let them take out the recycling; step on and break a beloved toy; don't keep the house as clean as it could be; forget that its lunchtime...well the list could go on and on but they love me anyway because I am their mommy!

Finally, I love that every morning I wake up knowing the Lord has blessed with two beautiful little girls, a wonderful husband, and the hope that one day I'll get to see my little baby who was only with us for such a short time but is still so much a part of us!

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