Thursday, August 14, 2008


I like how this years August is going. The weather is in the mid to high 70's. It's rainy (which I like) but also we have gorgeous breaks of sunshine. Everything is green, I look out the window and can't help smiling. If this is what "Global Warming" is like I say bring it on! We have some great, loud thunder storms and the girls cheer for every peal! Seriously, they love thunder! Everything is going well, even the calendar picture was nice! My brother Art always bemoaned the fact that the month of August always got the most ugly picture in the calendar and he was usually right! But for the big 29+1 birthday my calendar at least had a beautiful, serene shot! Happy Birthday Puppy!

More good things about August this month include but are not limited to...
I won Katie a giant Nemo stuffed animal out of a claw machine on my first try! The girls had gotten their usual doggy toy from the toy machines in the front of our grocery store for 50 cents(I shamelessly bribe my children with the allure of machine toys to make them behave while we grocery shop) and I decided that since Katie had been such a good girl, and I had a dollar left in quarters, and since there was a Nemo that she had been eyeballing for awhile I would give the big claw machine a whirl.
I got the claw perfectly around him but I was nervous over his size and weight and could not believe when he stayed in the claw after it lifted! Then I saw that a thread from his smile had gotten hooked on one of the claws and realized he was going to make it all the way across!
Oh the excitement! Oh the adrenaline rush! Oh the surge of victory! I had won!
The claw opened to give us our prize but to my horror Nemo did not fall! He was still stuck by his smile! I decided there and then I would not be cheated out of my victory! I shook the life out of that machine until that toy came dropping down! Katie pulled it out, hugged the massive Nemo to herself and giggled! Abby jumped up and down shouting "Memo! Memo! MEMO!" while people smiled fondly on us all! It was a very happy moment!
Abby's hair is long enough for pig tails to stay in!Sweetest little 2 year old in the world right there!My in-laws visited along with my brother-in-law Tim!
I realize that for a lot of people a visit from the in-laws isn't so great but I love my mommy and daddy-in-law! They're great! The girls loved having so much time with them and my mommy-in-law insisted on doing all the dishes! Bless you Mamika, bless you!

We harvested the first fruits of my tomato plants. These three little 'matos were enjoyed with a sprinkling of sugar on them for us girls (Joel still thinks that's gross! Weirdo!) and plain for my hubby. May I just say that these little heirloom tomatoes were delicious! Joel and I were shocked by the yumminess of them! oh and for some reason my site would only load this picture sideways!
Is it a bird?! Is it a plane?! No! It's...the Good Year Blimp! It flew right over our back porch and the girls were very excited about the whole thing! Katie wanted it to land so she could get a ride on it because, "I've never been on such a big balloon mommy! That would be so much fun!". It took some time for Katie to be convinced that the big balloon was actually called a blimp. Seeing the little plane underneath it is what really convinced her but it also made her want to ride it even more because, "It has been so long since I've been on an airplane mommy! Weeks and weeks!"! When the blimp came around the second time Katie was convinced she could get it to land on our porch so she could have a ride. She waved and jumped up and down while shouting, "Here Bwimp here! Come down here so I can have a ride!" She was very sad when it flew away for good! She actually shed a few tears!
Gas prices has gone down about 60 cents in the past few weeks. While that hasn't made gas actually affordable at least its now affordablish, kinda.

Last night I got a super cool shot of the moon through the trees. It was much more beautiful in real life but the camera did a pretty good job capturing it.I couldn't decide which shot I liked better so I did both!Of course the days haven't been perfect. Both the girls came down with stuffy noses and fevers during my in-laws visit and Abby did have an accident that required my shampooer. I'm very tired from staying up late, the chores aren't magically down by Brownies in the night, Joel got a pay cut, our toilet seat busted off, our vacuum caught on fire, and my hair dryer broke but hey, at least its nice out! God in His mercy has smiled on us!


Anonymous said...

NICE pic of Tim, I am sure you will be showing that one when he gets a girlfriend :)
I am glad you had a nice visit with your in-laws; even though things did not go as planned.
God is in control just remember :)

Tim said...

I can't believe you put that picture of me up there, now I'll have to put the one of you on facebook...

Jamie Saylor said...

Man!! Abby looks just like you, Karen!! She is adorable, both are reallY!!

Art Kilmer said...

Cutest neices in the world!