Monday, July 14, 2008

New York, New York!

On the 5th of this month My Dear husband, little girls, and the always fun Shanna decided to go to New York city to check out the sights.
Here is the entrance to the Holland Tunnel which was cool in a nerve racking kinda way. We decided to pull off the road at the Burger King that was just before the entrance so we wouldn't have to worry about finding someplace to eat in the city. So with our tummies full of chicken and french fries we headed off to the tunnel.

I am mildly claustrophobic so when I saw the actual tunnel I felt a bit panicky but managed to keep fairly calm by giggling hysterically and/or shrieking quietly to myself. :) I probably should have never watched that Stallone movie where this tunnel collapses!
Here we are exiting the tunnel and our first look at New York!
This beautiful little church was tucked in between two huge buildings! It was so cute I had to take a picture!

Here's another beautiful building we passed on our way to find somewhere to park. We hoped to find a spot to park for free on the side of the road or with a minor toll for which we were armed with lots and lots of quarters!

We eventually had to give up and park in a parking garage which took advantage of their situation and charged $38 for 3 hours! We knew New York was expensive but wow, we didn't know it was that expensive!

Here is a picture of an interesting mosaic that was on the corner of the street where the parking garage was. It's a good thing it was so distinctive because we couldn't remember where in the world we parked until we spotted it!

Here she is! The Statue of Liberty! As you can tell from the pictures it was a very drizzly day and very foggy but we were still able to get some good shots of her!
Here are we girls! It was so great having Shanna along! She's fun and an extra set of adult hands is always nice when taking the girls out to busy, big places!Shanna took this picture of us and she did a great job! I think we might all be smiling and the statue is right in the middle! :)We opted not to wait 2 hours to take the ferry to Ellis Island and decided just to walk around for awhile and see what we could see! While we strolled it started to rain fairly hard and after a few vain attempts to stay dry under the eaves of buildings we decided to just get wet and not worry about it!

We walked around oooing and awwing at buildings like the gawky tourists we were and then we came to the site of the Two Towers.

We managed to get up on a walking bridge to get a clearer view. There's no monument or anything yet, it still looks like a horrible mess but they did have some beautiful murals up of what the towers looked like before the tragedy. I was personally very glad to see they hadn't turned into a tourist trap with tacky key chains and postcards for sale!

The building right next to the bridge had some beautiful moldings all over it! I was constantly surprised the whole trip how everything was so big and shiny and then there would be a beautiful old building with gorgeous architecture tucked in between the skyscrapers. That was my favorite part about the city! Look! Squirrels and roosters! The girls really liked seeing those!I was having a great time looking at all the pretty scroll work when we came to the end of the bridge and saw this-It was quite shocking! Just a huge dirty pit where the towers once stood! Such ugliness next to such beauty! But then if you looked up you saw this-I know I'm a deeply religious person (meaning I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and died for my sins and rose again and I try to live in a way pleasing to Him)and this site might not inspire such feelings in a unbelieving person but seeing the church spire rising above the ruin really lifted my heart and restored some peace and hope that had been shaken by stark reality of what happened that day in September! This world is a terrible messed up place but there is hope in Jesus and that made me smile!

Here's a picture of us girls! You can see the man behind us with a box on push cart.

Everywhere we went there were men trying to sell us rip off purses and wallets and they carried them around in boxes like that or all bundled up in a bed sheet. Joel explained to us the bed sheet was so if a cop saw them they could simply scoop up the sheet and run! Apparently this is common in Brasil as well!
Here's a cool shot! Everywhere you turn there a spectacular building peaking out at you from odd angles!I couldn't resist getting a shot of this street sign! It calls the street a canyon and that is exactly what it feels like only with buildings instead of rocks!
Next stop Trinity Church which was featured in the movie "National Treasure" which the clue "Here at the wall..." led them too!
Here is a monument in honor of the soldiers of the Revolutionary war that was in the graveyard attached to the church. The church was beautiful but most of it was closed off from public viewing understandably so since it is still a working church! Here's Joel posing with the famed bull featured in many movies however we resisted getting his picture taken at the other end (which is really featured more in movies I think!) unlike some college guys who were having a good time posing in various comical ways at the back end of the beast! You'll have to ignore all the other people getting their picture taken in the shot as well. There was quite a line built up there and you had to dash in, smile, and dash out again unless you wanted to get trampled!There was one guy who stood there forever posing dramatically for a head shot for his acting or professional portfolio or something. Honestly! No one is going to take you seriously posed in front of something that has become the joke of Hollywood! :)

The bull is on a wedge in the middle of a very busy street and this is what we saw when we raced back to the sidewalk! It was a little unnerving!

Here's some pretty buildings. I love how all the streets curve around, makes it so interesting. I love bends in any path, always makes me curious to see what lies around them!We walked back to the parking garage and claimed our car and after giving up our entire life savings to get it we were out driving in the NY traffic again! On this particular road we thought we were going to die! Now we are used to narrow roads with cars parked on either side as that's how everyone parks around here but wow! That was the most narrow road I've ever seen! I thought for sure we would lose both our side mirrors!
And now I must close and post more pictures later because it is lunch time here and my girls are hungry!

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