Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New York, New York cont...!

Okay, here are so more pictures of New York city! There were taxi's everywhere! I've never lived in a place where I have seen more than 1 taxi at a time and on one street in NY there were dozens! It was like a sea of yellow and each speck in the sea wanted to cut us off! I took a picture of that particular taxi because of the advertisement on the top. My opinion of how classy NY was went down after seeing that. Honestly, a musical?! What in the world?! Now my husband is not one to let people nose their way in front of him but he had to back down to most of the taxis as they will simply ram your car if you don't let them in! Still, we felt he was doing good and holding his own until a rickshaw cut us off! A rickshaw! Sure it was powered by a guy on a bike but still! Wow! Here's a picture of Madison Squares Gardens! All of these pictures were ,of course, taken from the van by me! It was really hard getting a good shot what with the rain, the windows, and sporadically moving traffic and all! Here's a picture of the Post Office! That cool postman's motto is chiseled across the front of the building, the one which apparently our postman has forgotten all about!
Here's the New York times building! I got these shots from pointing the camera straight up and hoping I got it in the picture!
I'm not sure what building this was but it looked kinda cool and was very shiny so
I took its picture!
I don't know what this building was either but I also thought it looked kinda cool so I took its picture too!There's the Chrysler Building! I know that one for sure because of a certain very silly musical that Joel has! For those of you who can't quite remember when in the movie its referred too here's the line,"I'm supposed to look like the Grand Duchess Anastasia but I think I look more like the Chrysler building!". And it's true, he did! :)Some pictures I took (like the one below) are just some shots of beautiful/interesting molding and/or sculptor stuff on the buildings!
Grand Central Station! Unfortunately traffic was moving fast at this point ( and there was a bridge right in front of it that we went under!) so I couldn't get a very good picture of it!
Just another pretty building whose architecture was beautiful! Oh, and Park Ave!
This picture I took especially for Joel!I have often heard about how people grow gardesns on the top of buildings in big cities and I finally saw some! If I lived in the city I would totally do that!Here was our first peek at Central Park! We had better luck parking here and actually found a free spot near an entrance to the park! You will have to wait until my next entry to see the beauty and strangeness of Central Park becasue once again, its lunch time at our house! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow. You could not pay me enough to drive in NYC. Go Joel the Brave! LOL

Art Kilmer said...

What a wondeful time! I can't wait to see the Central Park pics. And where are the Thoth pictures? I need to see those!

Anonymous said...

LOL... thanks for the Chrysler Building explanation. It was really bugging me until I read your hint. The "Little Brazil" sign is awesome too!

-The Great Gonzo