Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Central Park!

After we parked we walked to the entrance of the park which of course I took a few pictures of! Except when were in the car Joel had control of the camera and I had to ask to take a picture of something but when we got to the park he relinquished control of it to me! So, I took lots, and lots of pictures because its in my blood or something (my brother and I can fill up a memory card faster than a person can sneeze!) and didn't have to constantly annoy my husband with my "OOOOO! Look at that! Get a picture of that Sweetie!" followed by much gesturing and please, please, pleasing!Anyone recognize that particular statue featured below? I had to take a picture of it because its the one that the Prince in the movie Enchanted posed on while he is searching the crowds for Giselle. It was a very exciting moment for Katie and I when I spotted it! Here's a beautiful scene that some schmuck managed to get his head into! I didn't crop him out so I could have proof that New Yorker's aren't as concerned about getting out of the way of your picture as some people are in other cities. I suppose its because if they did watch out for cameras they would never get where they were goingThis was one of my favorite areas of the park. Everything was damp so all the bark was dark and the leaves were so bright green that it took your breath away! Also the humidity took your breath away because it was so thick you could barely breathe but at least it wasn't hot!The Statuary was astounding in the park! I took so many pictures of beautiful moldings! Joel just rolled his eyes at me whenever I would stop and obsessively take pictures of a particular pattern that caught me eye which was practically all of them! Shanna and Joel would abandon me as I snapped away until I came to my senses and scampered after them!
Here are some shots of the beautiful fountain also featured in the film "Enchanted" which if you haven't seen it you really, really should!
Here's Joel! There were lots of people there because there were two guys performing over to the side. I think it was a tumbling act or something, I was too busy taking pictures of other things to notice!
I think the birds really add something too the picture! Everywhere we went in NY there were pigeons, lots and lots of pigeons! They were so tame you could have walked up to one and kicked it! In fact I almost ran over a few with our stroller which delighted Abby!
At this point we released the girls from the bondage of being strapped into their strollers! We figured it was a good safe-enough place to let them run around! They loved looking at the fountain! Katie even recognized it as the one for the movie!
Here's Katie smiling... Abby smiling...and Joel smiling!
I love this picture of Shanna and I! Joel did a great job taking it! We both smiling and look great! I never look good in closeups!
Ohhhhhh! Don't we look Sweet?! :)The girls weren't so enthusiastic about posing. There were so much more interesting things to do like...
chasing doves! Katie thought that the dove was just a pigeon until I explained to her that white pigeons are called doves which she thought was very silly!
Katie got quite close to that bird! If she had been bigger I think she might have caught it! :)Anyway, she had fun trying! Abby had fun running after the bird, Katie, or just plain nothing!Things were so ornate in the park! That picture below is of the base of a telephone pole! I suppose everything was that way because everything was so old. I wish people still built things like that! It is my opinion that ,when possible, even ordinary, necessary things should be made beautiful! I suppose that is why I like quilting!
This was taken under the bridge that Joel was standing in front of a few pictures back. The murals were beautiful as was the ceiling but I couldn't get all of the walls because there was a bum sleeping on one of the benches. I have seen a few bums before but there were quite a few more around NY! Of course some of them might have been people with homes that were just catching some Z's on their work break or something.
And now for the moment my brother has been waiting for! Thoth! god of...ummm...American Indian...Aztec? Something! He was so strange I had to take his picture! Apparently he had a documentary done on him that won an Oscar. I had no idea at the time otherwise I might have asked to get my picture taken with him. Then again, maybe not. I don't know If I would actually want him to touch me!I will leave you now because I have to start dinner but I still do have more pictures of NY!

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