Thursday, June 5, 2008

Random Fun Stuff!

So there was so much random, fun, and cute things that the girls did this past week that I just had to blog about it! Abby is fully potty trained but occasionally she does have an accident during nap time so I usually put a Pull-up on her to make things nicer for everyone. A couple days ago (Tuesday I think)I forgot and the picture below was the result!I think has amazing talent when she wets the bed! She not only got her dress and sheet but Chester, Curious George, and a doll blankie too! I'm just happy we hadn't bought her a new pillow to replace the one that she took out last time she had an accident! Poor Abby always gets the cheapest pillow we can buy because she also has the talent of when she has a #2 accident in her bed (generally brought on by her sneaking some of Katie's milk) she destroys her pillow in a very disgusting fashion. It's generally not worth it to try and wash it. Silly Abby May!

Below is a picture of Chester, Abby's beloved doggie stuffed animal that she picked out herself with her birthday money from last year. Chester is almost as precious as Val but Abby isn't quite as psychotic about him as Katie is with Val!

Abby couldn't bear to leave Chester out on the laundry line all alone so she went out and gave him lots of hugs until we left to go shopping.Abby was in a posing mood that day so I got some great shots!More hugs for Chester! I just love the dreamy expression on her face!

Our main goal in going out was to find Katie a bathing suit that she liked but was also decent. All the shops we regularly shop at for clothes (Wal Mart, K Mart, Target) had suits but most of them were two pieces and way too sexy looking to ever go on one of my daughters! I cannot stand the way some people dress their girls like they were in their twenties! Little girls should not look sexy! Anyway, We found one that Katie loved (she adores Princess Aurora though she's never seen the movie) that was fairly decent. I would have preferred a little skirt but at least its a one piece that had a nice high back! It was pretty cheap too as all the Disney stores are having a huge 40-60% off sale!
Abby decided that if Katie got to pose again then so did she! Cutie!
We also hit the book store in the mall where Joel picked up a copy of "The Simiarillion" (which was our second goal of the evening) and we got a set of nursery rhyme books for Abby since she's really started to be interested in reading and she didn't get anything at the Disney store. :) We also had to get litter for the Guinea Pig and we popped into the Eddie Bower outlet store that we discovered last time we were in Wilkes-Barre. That shop is amazing! You can find killer deals there unlike some "outlet" stores where its really not too much cheaper, its just not in a mall! Last time we went I got a $50 sweater for $4!
Anywho, I got a soft, fuzzy jacket for this fall (my jackets all have broken zippers) and Joel found a pair of shorts. Here's a picture of Joel reading the girls Abby's new books. If you look closely you can see Katie's Princess Aurora doll that she got with money she had saved up in her piggy bank. She bought that doll last time we went to the Disney store. That is now her second favorite toy, Val of course is still #1!
The next day we got a package in the mail form Uncle Artie and Auntie Erin! There were lots of fun things in it but Katie's favorite was the ladybug wind twirly thing and the outfit she is wearing!Here's Abby wearing the cute skirt and holding a penguin book that was also from Uncle Artie and Auntie Erin. She wasn't in a posing mood that day so I had to snap a picture fast as she ran around giggling! They both (and me too!) loved getting all the goodies, good job Uncle Artie and Auntie Erin!I was in a "get projects done" mood that night so I whipped out some flannel fabric that I had gotten at JoAnn's as a remnant with the intent of making it into a pillow case for Abby. Three seams later Abby had a new pillow case! The remnant was just the right size! I love making pillow cases there so easy and when you make them yourself they always fit your pillow and are way, way cheaper! Here's Abby trying out her the pillow case! Also you can see her "Snow White" dolly that she got at the Disney store when Katie got her Aurora. For some reason Abby really likes Snow White even though we've never seen the movie. Katie has her outfit in her dress up clothes and its the one Abby always wants to wear! Maybe she really like blue and yellow! :) Abby also used her piggy bank money to buy the dolly. Someday I'm going to blog about their piggy banks, the girls are so cute when they put their allowance in!
And lastly here is a picture of the first fruits of my back porch garden! Joel let me get all sorts of supplies this Spring so I could have a little vegetable and flower garden out on our back porch. I was so pleased and happy that he let me buy whatever I wanted (within reason) and I had such a fun time planting and tending my pots! For veggies I just got radishes and tomatoes because those are fairly easy to grow and Joel really likes radishes, and tomatoes are VERY expensive out here!

It's been rainy and warm the past few days so I decided to check on my babies and see how they were progressing. To my surprise two radishes were ready to be pulled! I excitedly pulled them and showed them too the girls who were also delighted that something yummy had come from mommy's garden. I took them inside, answered the phone which had started ringing, and turned around to see what the girls were up to when they came bursting in from the porch both carrying a freshly pulled radishes with huge grins spread across their faces. I quelled the reproachful words that sprung to my lips and instead thanked them for being helpful but told them not to pick anymore unless mommy said they could. I couldn't bear to scold them, they looked so proud of themselves and I hadn't told them not too, plus the radishes were edible just very small. Small radishes are more spicy anyway which is how Joel likes them! So here is my first pretty, pretty radish of the year!
And that is the end to very fun, fun, silly-willy couple of days! Oh yeah, we also had Baby Chase again this morning which was very, very fun too but I resisted taking any more pictures!

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