Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Once Upon A Dream

Today Katie finally got to see "Sleeping Beauty". As I have mentioned before Aurora was Katie's favorite princes even though she had never seen the movie. I've been waiting to rent it for her for a couple reasons. One, there are some rather scary scenes in it. Two, she's is still pretty young to follow the plot, and three; our VCR was broken and the only copy our grocery store had was a VHS. Happily for Katie our VCR randomly decided to work again and after testing it out on some Veggie Tales videos yesterday I told Katie that we could rent the Aurora movie. Katie went crazy with excitement and talked of nothing else all evening. We swung by the store on the way to church and picked up the copy plus a few snackies. Katie was beside herself with joy! She was a bit disheartened when I told her she would have to wait 'til the next day to watch it but took the news well enough.

This morning when I went in to get the girls the first thing she said was, "Mommy! Now I can watch my Aurora movie!!!". I told her she had to wait a little while longer but first thing after breakfast she settled down to watched the long awaited "Aurora movie". She made sure she had her Aurora doll and had on a pink dress that was very similar to Aurora's and armed with some pink frosted animal crackers she anxiously awaited while I popped it in. Happily our VCR didn't eat it and after I fast forwarded through the previews (Katie just couldn't sit through such long non-Aurora things!) the old tale opened up with a glittering story book and of course, the narrator.Katie was transfixed! She loved every minute of it! I had forgotten how much I loved that movie and enjoyed watching it to. I had the remote within easy reach in case any scene with Maleficent should scare her too much and I opted to skip past the small part where her imps are moshing around a bonfire, I never liked that part as a child. I watched Katie carefully through the end the movie but apparently mean ladies who change themselves into black dragons and spit green fire after calling all the power of hell to them doesn't phase dreamy almost four-year olds at all. However mean ladies who slowly walk to the dungeon to have a talk with captured princes make them nervous! Anyway...
Katie sighed happily when Prince Phillip finally reached his lady love and gave her true love's first kiss and hugged her dolly tightly too her. Even Abby giggled and looked dreamy-eyed at this happy ending! Katie now adores the movie and wants to watch it again and again and keep it forever. I explained to her we have to return it in a few days but maybe if we ever see it in a store she can buy it with her piggy bank money which seemed to saitsfy her. So our morning ended on a happy note and I have sung myself hoarse after granting Katie's many requests of "Sing the Princess Aurora's song one more time Mommy! Pleeeaaaassee!!!". Surprisingly Abby is the one who picked up on the tune of the princess' song and has gone around singing happily to herself "...once upon a dream!" as she dances around in circles! Too cute!!! Here's a picture of her hiding while I tried to get a picture of her twirling!
Here's one of her twirling at the end of the second viewing of the movie! It came out a little blurry but doesn't she look sweet?!Of course I shouldn't be surprised by her behavior! I remember dancing around singing to myself that very song when I was a child! After all that was my favorite movie when I was a girl! I, of course, never sing silly love songs while I spin around prettily now that I'm all grown up! Just don't ask my girls or husband about it because they will lie shamelessly!

So here's to true love and true love's kiss that conquers all! :)

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I don't think I have seen that movie.