Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Tomorrow is Father's Day! I know a lot of great fathers but today I want to talk about the father of my little girls! My husband is great! I know, I'm in love with him so of course I think so, but really, he's so cool! I love to watch him with our girls! When he leaves for work in the morning they rush to him for a hug and kiss. Abby waves and says "Bye-Bye Daddy!" at the door long after he has left! When they hear the door knob rattle they rush to the door shrieking happily "Daddy! DADDY! DADDY is home!!!"! They love their Daddy so much! He reads to them and plays with them and cares for them. He does all sorts of things with them but most importantly he sets a godly example for them.

I can't tell you how important it is for a little girl to have a good Daddy. Generally speaking a girls daddy is the one who sets up for her what to expect in a husband. I am so thankful that my husband displays characteristics that will give the girls a good example of what to look for in their future mate. As his wife I am happy and blessed that he is such a good man so if you don't mind, I'm going to brag a little.

My husband is funny! He has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor that always makes me laugh! My husband is smart! When I say smart I mean genius! He has a 4.0 right now in seminary and even though he's probably the smartest guy in the room at any given moment he doesn't let everyone know about it. He's fun to talk too, his mind is full all sorts of interesting facts. It's great when I say "I wonder why..." and if he doesn't know he comes up with some really great ponderings! My husband is well read and it is so nice being able to discuss literature without getting a blank look and a "Huh? You mean Scrooge didn't write 'The Christmas Carol'?".

My husband is a gentlemen! He has great respect for me and shows it by opening doors for me, pulling out my chair, and asking my opinion on major decisions. Give that man armour, a sword, a horse, and plop in mid evil times and he'd know exactly what to do! After a veiwing of "Sleeping Beauty" I got to thinking, "Would my boy fight an evil dragon to rescue me from certain doom?" and my answer came without a second of hestitation,"Yep! You bet he would!"

My husband is sexy! I see him grin and I melt! I won't go further into why I think my husband is the most handsome man on earth for the sake of those who are not my husband and are reading this! :)

My husband is romantic! He thinks about what gifts he's going to get me. I love getting presents for him because he never fails to surprise me! He knows exactly what will please me best which means he actually takes the time to listen when I'm talking!

My husband is strong. I'm not talking about just physically (although I will pause here to say that when he helped some people move last summer when all the men were exhausted and saying how heavy and hard the work was my boy was barely breathing hard and looked like he could still run a marathon!)! When on that terrible day we found out we had lost our baby, he was there when I couldn't stand up. He held me and the girls close while we waited in the hall for the nurse to tell us what to do next. When my world had fallen apart his strength kept me together. When I needed to cry but didn't think I should he let me. I think it was when I couldn't even walk without his help that I realized I never ever had to worry about my well-being when he was around. I never had to doubt that with all the power that was in him he would keep me safe and cared for. He makes me feel special and beautiful and loved!

The best part of all that is did you notice how in that last paragraph how much he resembled our Heavenly Father? My husband strives to be Christ-like, he was strong for me because he was strong in the Lord! My husband loves the Lord and is constantly in His word! He loves learning about God and loves teaching others about God! He is one of the most godly, smart, wonderful men I know and he's all mine! Sorry ladies, this ones taken! :)

So Happy Father's Day my dearest! I apologize for anyone who feels like gagging after this entry! What can I say? I love my husband!

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