Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, today is my 28th birthday! We celebrated last night since tonight is our VBS closing program and since I was a teacher I kinda have to be there! My wonderful hubby did another theme birthday for me. This years theme- Mozart! Last year was Wallace and Gromit! :) Mozart is my favorite composer ever so I was really happy! I got the movie "Amadeus", a cd of all the music used in the movie, a biography translated from German in honour of Mozart's 250th birthday (which is January 27, 1756) and a Mozart "action figure"! The action figure is so fun! It's a little Mozart guy that's about 6" tall and comes with a paino stool. On the back of the box are all sorts of fun Mozart facts and quotes like how he wrote his first symphony at the age of 8 and a quote,"Nor do I hear in my imagaination the parts successively. I hear them all at once. What a delight this is! All this inventing, this producing, takes place in a pleasing, lively dream. " which just shows how crazy gifted the man really was!After I opened present we went out to Panera Breads which happens to be one of my very most favorite restaurants! Usually we go to "Cooper's" which is a semi-famous seafood place because you get a free meal on your birthday but since it wasn't technically my birthday I couldn't get anything free! Since we're rather poor our pocketbook couldn't take a full price meal there so we opted for Panera Breads which was yummy too and we had a good time.

We swung by the store on the way home to pick up some snackies and toilet paper and then we headed home. We did a quick birthday blow out the candles bit and then Abby ate the cherry off the cake and Katie got a small spoonful of frosting. Then it was bedtime for the girls and a late night viewing of Amadeus for us!
I think the caffeine in the caramel latte I had with dinner kept me awake because I had terrible insomnia at bedtime and Joel and I chattered away at each other until 1:30 am! This morning I felt really tired but I chugged some Brasilian coffee with lots of sugar and was ready to face the last day of Bible School!The kids were wound up! The naughty ones were twice as naughty and even the good kids had at least thoughts of being naughty! One kid I wanted to string up to the rafters by his toenails! As a whole though we had good bunch of kids! I had some special kids that I am particularly attached too and want to take home with me! I had forgotten how much I like grade school age children!

This is what the kids had to pass everyday to get in! I'm usually up there too but of course I was the one taking the picture! The pirates were rather grumpy and tired this morning! Especially Pirate Steve (Otherwise known as "Bones" during skit time) who worked the night shift and would come directly to Bible school when his shift ended!
After you get past us pirates you cross through our "dock" which Katie is "on"! Then into the pirate ship where you are greeted by my whining child who only wants to be held all day by mommy!

Here's a closeup of the paper we painted and hung up too look like the side of ship complete with port holes!
Here's one of our regular attending kids dressed up as "Bumpo" the pirate! I completely forgot it was my birthday until someone mentioned theirs was the next week. The kids were delighted when I told them and immediately started guessing how old I was. One girl guessed 14, one17, and another 19! I was flattered! One girl got it right but said she originally that I had turned 14 until she remembered I was married and had two kids! That girl is a smart one all right! Then I told them how when I was 22 I was mistaken for a 12 year old at the pool and was only charged the child fee instead of the adult one! We all got a good laugh out of that! I shocked one of the parents too when they found not only Abby was mine but Katie as well! He thought I was 16! I'm sure I'll really like that when I'm 40 and everyone thinks I'm in my early 20's!
Here are some pictures the kids! The boy with the little girl on his lap (I think its his sister or cousin) was the one who brought the most visitors and therefor got to "pie the pastor" at the end of the day! The girl with the parrot was one of my special girls! She was spirited and bit hyper but not in a bratty way! She also really threw herself into the singing which we all appreciated! Here's everyone practicing the songs for tonight's program! We actually had about 10 kids missing today so if they come tonight hopefully we'll all fit on the stage! Here's a closeup of Katie holding the hand of a little girl who adopted katie as her little sister!Here's a picture of Abby! She might look like she's smiling slightly but really she's mid-whine! Here's Katie singing and doing the motions! I was shocked that she did sing since last time she was on stage with other kids who were supposed to be singing she wandered off the examine the large potted plants after investigating the microphone that was on the pulpit!After singing we found out the top three kids who brought the most visitors. The reward was they got to pie the pastor on the last day as I mentioned earlier. Then we found out who had brought the most offering. We, of course, had two teams boys and girls. It was a close and heated competition all week with the boys winning on Day 2 and Day 3! But the girls pulled ahead by $5 on Day 4 and then today we found out the final totals and the girls won by 7 cents! I think its because on the way out the door I grabbed the dime Katie had found at the store last night to add to her offering and if it hadn't been for that dime we would have lost! Of course I'm sure other people have similar stories but I still hold that Katie's dime saved the day!
Here are the boys lined up and ready to go!
The first one just grazed Pirate Steve's shoulder.
the next boy got him right in the ear! That little boy was one of my favorites because he was like the perfect kid ever! Not in an annoyingly sweet way, he was just fun, well mannered, and desperately cute with a little impish grin!
the last kid really nailed the our pastor!

He got him so good that the pie pan stuck to his face!

The boy whose fuzzy blond head keeps appearing in the pictures was another one of my fave's! I wanted to take him home with me and keep him forever! He was one of the boys that at first we thought might make trouble considering him and his friends names were "Butchie" and "Griffin"! They turned out to be two of the nicest kids there!The reward for bringing the most offering was throwing water at the pastor to rinse him off after he got pied. Here's Katie with her cup of water!Katie wasn't quite sure about flinging water at a person since its generally forbidden at home but after everyone else she threw her water with only a little encouragement from me and another teacher!Unfortunately my batteries died at this point so I didn't get a picture of Katie actually throwing the water! Since the guys still had a lot of pie on them we all got to throw water balloons at them to help clean them off!

That was the end of the day! Of course we'll all meet again tonight at the closing program where I hope to get more pictures of Katie singing and quoting the verse of the week! So far its been a really fun birthday!

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