Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Daddy's Day!

Joel's Father's Day celebration actually started on Saturday. After he got off work I told him today was going to be a day o' fun and we set out to visit his favorite stores. We went to the "Loud Store" (That is what I call Best Buy because the music is always cranked up so loud and there are a million and one large screen TVs also going full blast!) in search of the perfect Beethoven CD but did not find it there so it was off to Borders! We love going to Borders Books because well, we love books and they have a nice children's section with no Thomas the Train set up. I mention this because the Barnes and Nobles that is farther away has a Thomas the Train table set up and it is murder getting the girls to leave it! It turns my generally well behaved youngsters into little psycho emotional messes that throw embarrassing fits of absolute sorrow and heart-brokenness! Anyway...

At Borders Joel not only found the perfect Beethoven CD but also a book that sounded like it had good potential. Since Joel has been a huge Tolkien fan since the age of 8 finding other satisfying fantasy is difficult, I mean how can anyone compete? So far he's enjoying the book he got as it is written in the style of C.S. Lewis with some Terry Pratchett thrown in for fun!

I had to make a quick stop in JoAnn Fabrics to find some fabric to finish Katie's much loved ladybug quilt and Joel agreed to go in amicably enough. He was really happy when he spotted some fun blue fabric with Hebrew letters scattered all over it on the clearance rack! Suddenly JoAnn's became the best store in the world with endless possibilities! I insisted we get some of it as a Father's Day treat and said I could make a really big pillow! This made Joel very, very happy because last year Katie had taken out his big lounging pillow when she had the stomach flu and he had missed it ever since! So we picked out some jean fabric to back it with and when we got the fabric the cutter gal (thanks Melissa!) gave us an extra 30% ( I think, it might have been more) off the last of the last bit of fabric on the bolt if we took it so of course we did and got an extra good deal!

So we left the store armed with over two yards of Hebrew fabric, two yards of dark blue jean fabric (which had turned out to be on sale! Score!) and a big bag and a little bag of pillow stuffing. I also found some ladybug fabric for Katie's quilt and the perfect fabric to use in the quilt I have planned for Abby so it was a really fun shopping day!

After we got home and the girls were in bed I started in on the pillow. I like pillows, they are fast and easy, only four seams! I had washed the fabric out earlier in extremely hot water since the fabric was a pretty dark blue and then had dried it so I was all set to go! I ironed the fabric, measured and cut it to 30"x30" which we agreed would be a nice size but too ridiculously big. I cut the jean to match and got it all pinned and sewed within a half hour. When I went to turn it right side out I realized something horrible, I had sewn the jean wrong side out! It wouldn't have been so bad except I had sewn all the seams twice to make them extra sturdy since the pillow would be used to sprawl upon! I started to take out the seams but I couldn't find my seam ripper so I was going at it with a needle and a pair of scissors. After a few minutes I decided it just wasn't worth it, there had to be another way to fix it! I thought for a minute and then I cut off the 1/4" seams, turned the fabric to the correct side and resewed it. Joel said I was very clever to think of it since a 1/2" off the pillow would hardly make a difference but I was still distressed over my mistake! I mean I've been sewing for years! It was such an amateur mistake! Here's a picture of Joel with is loot!
On a side note I read about a gal who made a beautiful quilt and top stitched the whole thing by hand but when she took it off her quilting frame she discovered that the back fabric was wrong side out too! Yikes! At least mine was only a pillow! I weep for that poor lady!

The next day after church we took Joel to Outback where he got a nice juicy steak (medium rare)and a bloomin' onion. The bloomin' onion was really more for me because I LOVE those yummy-yummy things and never pass up a chance to order one when were at a place that serves them! I gave him his final present (a leather perpetual calendar) when we got home and he got to relax and read his book for awhile before the Bible study he does at the assisted living apartments. I had planned to have the leftovers from Outback for dinner but I had forgotten our doggy bag at the restaurant(I am such a ditz!) so we went out to Long John Silver's for some fake seafood! Although Joel did say the seafood is actually tasting more real these days! I got a chicken sandwich from the A&W side of the restaurant as I didn't want the night to end with me going into anaphylactic shock!
So that was our fun-fun Father's Day! Joel is having a fun time using his pillow and I've promised him a quilt made out of the leftover fabric in the "Star of David" pattern but I warned him I wouldn't be able to start it for a long, long while. He doesn't mind, apparently just thinking of what the quilt will look like while lounging on his massive Hebrew pillow is enough to make him happy! :)

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