Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Calling All Hero's!

This week our church has been doing VBS! Our theme is "Calling All Heroes!" which was made by Veggie Tales. This curriculum features the "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" and is based on the movie that recently came out with them trying to be heros. The whole thing is really cool and we're all having a blast! I'm in full pirate dress and I took a shot of myself so you can at least see my head thingy and earrings. I also have a red sash but I couldn't get a good shot of it by myself! The night before VBS started I tried on my pirate costume and of course the girls wanted to get dressed up like pirates too!
Katie was trying to pose nicely but Abby had other ideas in mind like singing... or sticking out her little belly!Silly Abby May! Look at that naughty smile!
Of course getting dressed up like pirates led to the wanting of their best friends to get dressed up!
This is about as much of a naughty smile that Katie ever gets!
She couldn't hold onto the naughty look for very long! She had to go back to sweet and enchanting!Here's Chester!This picture came out all fuzzy but it was too cute not to include!
Here Abby is singing again! I think she looks angelic and sweet almost like she's taking a solemn pledge or something!

Just so you don't mistake her for a perfect child here she is winking cheekily!Here's Katie posing with the crafts we did today! I love that the kids get to make "Jack Sparrow" headbands! Katie does a great pirate "Arrrrrrrr" which is just too cute to see!Here she is studying her pirate treasure chest! I'm one of the craft teachers this year and its great fun though very, very hyper! The kids are really wound up! I love watching Katie make her crafts! She's very good at stringing beads and gluing things! She's kinda of a loner and focus' just on her craft but during song time and game time she talks with the other children and plays nicely!It's kinda hard to see because the ink ran but Katie had me draw a ladybug on her headband! I must admit I wasn't a bit surprised when she asked me or that almost everything she chose was pink!So today was day 3 and no one is dead yet! Our songs are very enthusiastic, designed to take out some of the kids energy before they get to their teachers! One song simply is a happy pirate tune where you go "Arr, arrr, ar, ar, ar, arr! Arr, arrr, ar, ar, ar, arrrrr!" over and over again! The kids really like that one! I'm going to take pictures of our church to post because our auditorium looks really cool! We papered the bottom half of all the walls in brown paper and then painted on lines and nails to make up "boards". We have real masts complete with sales going up the center of the aisle and a pirate flag on the stern. We even have a ship's wheel and portholes! It was fun decorating but it was even more fun when the kids walked in and saw it all!

So Friday night is closing ceremonies and I hope to get lots of fun-fun pirate pictures of everyone to share with you!

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