Sunday, June 1, 2008

Baby Chase!

The other day (May 31) we went to church to begin decorating for VBS. We're doing Veggie Tales the "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" curriculum so we are endeavoring to turn the upstairs of our church into a pirate ship. It was great fun, so far we papered the bottom half of the walls in brown paper and began painting board and nail outlines and got a pretty nifty stern up. We also got sails up and coming soon... masts! It's going to look great! The girls had a great time downstairs watching Veggie Tales videos with the pastors kids and running around but the real highlight of the day was what or I should say who we got take home...Baby Chase!
Baby Chase is five months old who along with his parents attend our church and his mommy and I are good friends. His daddy also attends seminary and Joel and he get along too. :) The girls never just call him Chase its always Baby Chase! Anyway, Chase's mommy had to go to work so we got to take the little darling home to play until his daddy was done with his schoolwork at the library. I told Katie and Abby about this the day before and they talked about his visit almost every minute until he was snugly buckled in our van. Abby was especially delighted and only strayed from his side once because she had to take a nap and this was under great protest!
Baby Chase was a very good boy and seemed to enjoy the girls constant presence. What guy doesn't enjoy basking in the adoration of two beautiful girls right? When he played in the swing my girls made sure the music was playing and the swing was going and of course that he had all his toys and his binky and a few of their toys. If he cried they patted his tummy, gave him his binky ,and sang. If he smiled they announced to the world that "Baby Chase is SMILING! OOOHHHH!!!!! He is SO CUTE!!!". When he burped Katie giggled and said "Excuse you Baby Chase!".

Baby Chase also seemed to really like Joel. If Joel walked by Baby Chase would whimper and fuss until Joel picked him up. Baby Chase would smile and gaze adoringly at Joel and grab at Joel's cheek (I think he liked the stubble!)! Baby Chase fell asleep on Joel's lap while Joel was playing a computer game, too cute!!!

Baby Chase's daddy came to get him after dinner and Katie was a little sad but she said "bye-bye" and blew him a kiss without much fuss but Abby was inconsolable! She cried "BABY CHAAAAAASE!!!" and reached out her arms for him while tears streamed down her little cheeks! It was a very sad scene! I think she thought Baby Chase had come to stay! She talked about him for the rest of the night and the only thing that consoled her was that she would see Baby Chase again tomorrow at church.
Ever since Baby Chase was born the girls have had a fascination for him. I'm not sure exactly why they love him so much but every time they hear a baby cry their hopeful voices ask, "Baby Chase?!". He's the topic of a lot of conversation at our house. Katie is always asking questions like, "What do you think Baby Chase is doing right now mommy?" or "Does Baby Chase eat real food yet mommy?". Abby has named their baby doll with the blue pj's 'Baby Chase' which delights both her and Katie!

So here are some more pictures from the wonderful visit from the amazing Baby Chase!!! This first one is of Abby checking out Baby Chases changing pad.
Here she is again checking him while he slept to see if he needed anything.
She decided that the music should be playing for him while he slept and turned it on.
Baby Chase woke up! The girls immediately rushed over to see him!Here's Abby hugging him, I love his expression in this shot!

Here's Abby "reading" to him from my Sunday School teacher book! He was vastly entertained!After Baby Chase left the girls decided they needed to try out the swing! They both have their "naughty smiles" on!


Anonymous said...

AHH How cute, only a month :):):)

Art Kilmer said...

It's funny how different girls are. If it had been our boys with baby chase, I don't know if you would have been able to find him ever again.