Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We're Hungry!

I saw that phrase on a maternity shirt a year ago and now I wish I had it! I am sooooo hungry! Ravenous! My poor Husband can attest to it as he has gone on a couple of late night Burger King runs of late. Now I don't buy into the whole you can determine the gender of your child by what you eat because I craved completely different things with Katie and Abby. With Katie I couldn't get enough Strawberries (which I hate!) and Braunschwager. Abby I wanted salad (anything that had large quantities of lettuce!) and green apples. With this little one I want beef! Beef, beef, and more beef! For those of you who don't know I can't really handle more than a few bites of beef at a time unless I want to spend some unfun time in the bathroom. However the magicalness that is pregnancy has suspended my beef intolerance and I can now gorge myself in the yummy, greasy, perfectness of it! On one of Joel's Burger King runs they got my order wrong and instead of a Whopper Jr I got a burger with three patties, bacon, and a special sauce. It was divine! I ate most of it (I shared a little with my dear husband) and didn't feel even the slightest tummy twinge! MMMMM! Just thinking of it makes me want one, or maybe two!

I don't remember being this hungry with the girls. Maybe I just don't remember but I know Katie gave me the worst morning sickness and my appetite just wasn't there for the torturous five and half months of throwing up! Same with Abby, although the morning sickness only lasted four and half months with her. With Baby Cabbage I feel disgustingly sick but also ravenously hungry! It's not really fair! I say pick one baby! As soon as my tummy has digested a small amount of my last meal I feel hungry enough to eat a bear! I've heard that women pregnant with boys eat more who knows!

We've also been teased that twins are on the way! If there are two babies that means the amount of food needed doubles too, right? Joel actually got pale when the girls were talking about it at church! I wouldn't mind twins at all (I LOVE babies!) but I don't think our checkbook would! I have an ultrasound scheduled in May so we'll find out soon enough!

Until then I'm enjoying dreaming about the little one growing in my belly and how amazing and miraculous the forming of a child is! I remember with Katie thinking as she was born, "I can't believe they let us do this!", it was so mind blowing to actually see a real baby come out! The first thing I said was, "It's a baby!" I don't know what I had been expecting, a puppy?! Right now my little itty-bitty baby has a heart beat and her brain is already working. She is approximately 1 inch long and weighs 2 grams (same weight as 2 M&M's!).This week her fingers and toes will will form. Last week she looked like a baby manatee now she looks like a teeny-tiny human baby! So much happens so fast! This is one of those things where God really amazes me! :)
Katie has added Baby Cabbage to her nightly prayers. It brings a happy tear to my eye to hear her sweetly pray, "Please keep the baby safe; please help the baby to grow and big and strong, and please help me to be a good big sister!"! A little while ago we bought a little Eeyore wrist rattle for the baby because I really wanted to buy something that I could cuddle but its hard shopping when you don't know if the baby is a boy or girl! Fortunately Winnie-the-Pooh characters are great for boys or girls! So now I have a nice soft baby toy to cuddle and dream on! :)

Well, its almost dinner time so I must close! I wonder if there's any beef in our freezer? :)

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