Monday, April 21, 2008

We're Going to Save so Much Money!

It has been officially two weeks since I decided to go ahead and let Abby potty train herself. If you recall I said I would and hold back my joy until she made it a week with no accidents. Well, this past week Abby has had only one accident and that was my fault because sometimes I am not a perfect mother! Yesterday I used our last diaper for Abby at naptime and now we're down to just Pul-ups for when were out in public and naptime/bedtime and panties for at home! We are going to save so much money! At least for the next 6 1/2 months!

Abby even has managed to stay dry at night! I've been thinking about not putting a Pul-up on her at night but I really hate doing laundry and it would be just my luck the night I decided not to put a Pul-up on she'll have diarrhea or something! Did I mention I hate laundry? I really do! I don't mind loading it or anything I just hate the endless folding and putting away part!

I am so proud of little daughter! She even went for the nursery workers at church yesterday! My eyes tear up just thinking of it! Both my girls constantly amaze me! They are both smart and charming, at least most of the time, they are also normal little girls who tend to do naughty things but we still love 'em!

So we're going out to Michigan for a visit with Great-Grandma, Joel's parents, and all the uncles the first week of May and I feel very sorry for my husband. Between me being pregnant, and two little girls with itty-bitty bladders I have a feeling we're going to be stopping a lot. Poor guy! At least he'll have yummy yummy Grandma treats to munch on when we get there! I know I'm looking forward to them!

P.S. We got the collapsible potty chair in the mail a week ago and I love it! It is the single best invention for small children ever, EVER! :)

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Karen and Joel,
I am praying for you