Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Baby Names by Katie

So the other day it occured to Katie that we should name the baby. Now if you know my Katie she generally names things for some physical attribute like "White-White" the doggie who has two white patches. I was really looking forward to what she would come up with but first we had to have a conversation about gender.

Whenever anyone asked Katie if she thought the baby was going to be a boy or a girl she would reply"Just a baby!". Apparently in Katie-land babies aren't boys or girls, just babies, until they reach the age of 2 or so and then become "big girls" or "big boys". When I asked her if Abby was a girl she looked unsure, then finally said "yes" but she didn't look convinced! So I explained to her that babies are boys and girls too. I mentioned the little baby at church who was a baby and a boy at the same time and little Bethany who was a baby and a girl too! She took this all in and thought about it for a few minutes before accepting the idea. Then we got back to discussing names.

I asked her whether she thought the baby was a boy or girl and she said "girl!" becasue she wanted another "Sisser"! So I asked her what girl name she thought would be nice for the baby. She exclaimed with great happiness "Katie Rose!" and then did her happy dance! I tried not to laugh and then told her, her name was very nice but the baby should probably have a new name so we could tell them apart. She accepted this and then fell into deep thought. After a moment she got a big smile and shouted "Lady Bug!" and then burst into a fit of giggles! That girl is obsessed! Lady Bug Mitchell. Hmmm...sounds like something a movie star would name their kid! Maybe she could be friends with Apple or Coco!

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Art said...

What about Fuzzy Penguin Mitchell? Theophrastus Ulysses Mitchell? T.U.M.!