Monday, April 14, 2008

The Amazing Abby May!

Well, Abby has been going potty like a big girl for a week now with minimal accidents! I just can't believe the little girl potty trained herself in a day! I cannot take any credit for it! She probably figured it out by watching Katie but still, I've never heard of any kid potty training so fast, seriously, it was ONE DAY! Now she has had #2 accidents in her bed because she wouldn't keep her diaper on at naptime but that hasn't happened for a few days now! She even tells me when she has to go when were in public and takes great delight in going in the public restroom! Poor Katie has a fear of foreign pottys, mostly due to the attomatic flushers that don't see her because she is so small and go off when she's still sitting on them! When it happened to Abby she thought it was funny! Of course she also thought it was funny to reach in the potty and touch the hose that squirts out the sanitizer! I made sure we washed really, really well after that particular incident!

So I ordered Abby a special collaspable potty seat for when we're out in public (for those of you that don't have little girls let me tell you it is very hard for them to go with no potty chair without dribbling all down their legs and on their pants!) and her very first package of Pul-ups for car rides, public places, and church and big girl panties! We let Abby choose which panties she wanted and she picked some frilly, "Curious George" ones! :) She loves Curious George which is funny since one of my nicknames for her is "George" because she is so curious herself!
My little baby is growing up so fast! The only thing she has left from her baby days is some baby fat!It's a good thing we have another itty-bitty baby on the way! I'm not ready to leave babyhood yet!

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