Monday, April 7, 2008

Abby Breezy Bum

My Abby May is an adventure! If something shatters she is the first little person that pops into my head! Now Katie can do plenty of mischief but usually only as a follower, Abby is the criminal mastermind! Example: It never occured to Katie that crayons and markers could be used on anything except paper. The first time I gave Abby a crayon she decided walls, doors, toys, and herself were also great options to make pictures on! Katie tried it once and then was upset because the mark wouldn't come off the toy box while Abby loved that the marks were now permament!

So I really shouldn't have been surprised one morning when I found Abby in her bed, with no diaper in sight, sleeping on a puddle! Abby has decided that she is done with diapers! She takes them off almost as soon as I put them on no matter how much I punish her! I'll be doing the dishes and the little thing will run by giggling madly,unencumbered by her bulky diaper. Now her little bottom and chubby-wubby legs are extremly cute but the puddles she makes are not! Below is a picture of Abby from Saturday with no diaper in sight!
Abby has expressed an interest in the potty for the last couple of months but I had been putting off potty training. She's still so young that I didn't know if she would understand completely what she was suppossed to do, plus I feel disgusting since I am in the middle of terrible morning sickness! I really didn't relish the thought of sitting in th bathroom with her for hours on end! My nose has become as sensitive as a doggies and bathroom smells I really can't handle right now! I did do a trial run a couple weeks ago and set Abby on the little training potty and kept her there by reading her all the books in the house until she pottied. though she did go potty it kinda frightened her so I thought we'd wait until after our trip to Michigan in early May.

Apperantly Abby has decided to take matter in her own hands. She's decided to potty train herself whether I help her or not. Yesterday, she refused to wear a diaper and sat on her potty every fifteen mintues or so. She actaully made it to the potty twice, the other times she dribbled her way to the potty and had no more pee left to put in the potty which tramatized her greatly! She does not like peeing on herself!

So by mid-afternoon yesterday I gave up and let her run around with no diaper and helped her run to the potty whenever she said or shrieked "I potty!"! Abby has always done big motor skills early but I didn't think she'd beat Katie with potty training or that it could go better then it did with Katie who stayed dry overnight the second night of training and learned to go #2 in the potty the very first day and has never had a #2 accident and only half a dozen #1 accidents!

This morning I found my dear little daughter with no diaper on but her bed was dry! When I found the diaper it was dry too! Could it be this easy? Did my daugter just potty train herself in a day? Am I that lucky? Has God chosen to smile upon my poor nauseous existence? Are we going to have actaul spending money if we don't have to buy diapers? It's too much to take in! I'll hold back my joy until she lasts a week! Until then I'll sit back and enjoy watching my little breezy bum girl as she runs for the potty!

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