Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thank God for Me!

A little over a month ago we started Katie saying bedtime prayers along with Daddy reading her and Abby a Bible story(He's been reading Bible stories to Katie since before Abby was born!). The Bible we use is an older copy of the one pictured above which is an excellent Bible story book for little ones! The girls are getting this new addition for Easter!

So the first time Katie prayed I had her repeat a very simple prayer that went something like this..."Dear God, Thank you for Abby, thank you for Daddy, thank you for Mommy. Please help me sleep well, please keep me safe, and please help me to be a good girl. I love you. Amen!". Katie was delighted with the prayer and soon added more to it. She not only thanked God for her family but all her favorite stuffed animals. So after she thanked God for us she continued "Thank you for Val, thank you for Sparkle that Daddy gave to me. Thank you for Pinky and thank you for Snowflake and thank you for White-White...".

We also added other people to her prayer like "Please bless Uncle Artie and Auntie Erin". So then the other night after she thanked God for us she said "and thank you for me" very casually and went on into her list of stuffed animals! I had to supress my giggles while Joel laughed quietly in the hall! I love to hear her talk to God! Lately she has also added some things that happened in her day. The other night she told God that "Abby spilled water on my stuffed animal but it was okay because mommy dried everything off." :)

Katie loves her night time routine of Daddy reading her a Bible story and then praying on mommy's lap and she will not go to bed without doing it! I hope that sticks with her for the rest of her life! It's such a joy to start the girls in good Christian practices and to see Katie become aware of how real God is!
Along with prayers and Bibble story time I try to add God in our everyday conversation. Generally its just me saying "Let's thank God for this" but yesterday I said something that confused them a little. The girls were having a fight over who the ladybug that Katie had found belonged to. Abby said it was "Abby's Jo-Jo" (Abby calls lady bugs jo-jo's because Katie's favorite lady bug toy is named Jo-Jo.) but Katie said it was her lady bug. On and on they went until finally to end the fight I said it was God's lady bug which I figured they couldn't argue with. After Katie's immeadiate response of "Oh! He's God's ladybug?!" she seemed very deep in thought and after a few minutes said "I think God wants me to have His lady bug!"! After that whenever Abby tried to touch the lady bug Katie would exclaim "Abby that is not your lady bug that is God's lady bug!" or "Don't touch God's lady bug Abby!". So much for ending the fight!
So after dinner (this whole thing took place while we were trying to eat dinner) Joel and I explained to Katie that everything belongs to God and He gives things to us and wants us to share those things. She seemed to accept this and Abby was allowed to touch God's lady bug. They haven't fought over any ladybugs today so maybe the little lesson sunk in. In any case at least Katie is thinking about God! :)

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