Tuesday, March 11, 2008


One of Katie's and Abby's favorite things to do is draw and color. So on a regular basis we search the internet for ladybug coloring pictures (for Katie) and bunny coloring pictures (for Abby)and print them out. Yesterday I found a ladybug counting chart that Katie took great delight in! So while Daddy did homework Katie colored ladybugs and Abby drew in a "biboe" (Abby calls all books and notebooks "Bibles" and "biboe" is how she pronounces it!).I love this picture of Abby! Her little toes look so sweet! Abby does not like to keep her socks on. It's not that she doesn't like socks, she just loves to take them on and off and she must have stash somewhere because every now and then I'll notice that she's wearing mismatching socks one of which I haven't seen for months! Abby insists on having her socks off for bedtime and Katie insists on having socks on! Sometimes I think Abby takes her socks off at night just to be contrary to Katie!Look at all the pretty Jo-Jo's! Now if you notice the ladybug counting chart is numbered incorrectly. I do not know if our printer just freaked out and printed it wrong or if the person who designed it was a moron. I didn't actually notice until Joel pointed it out when Katie showed it to him. I must correct it before I print out another one! I meant to use it to teach Katie her numbers!

Katie was so very proud of her ladybug picture that she insisted I hang it up by her bed. After I had hung it up she said "Now I won't be afraid of the dark mommy because I will see my ladybug picture!"! Not sure why the ladybugs help and I didn't realize she was scared of the dark but I suppose if it makes her feel better than thats just fine with me!

Joel and I were discussing last night how obsessed Katie is with ladybugs. Last year we did a ladybug themed birthday party for her and this year we were thinking of doing Thomas the Train but Katie has said she would like another ladybug party but this time with ladybug cupcakes so there will be lots of ladybugs!!! She talks about it almost everyday! As we talked about it we remembered that when Katie first saw a ladybug she was scared to death of it! She found it at the base of our stairs Spring of 2006 and screamed "bug! Bug! BUG!!!" So I took up the poor little bug and threw it in the trash. Katie then ran over to the trash can, looked inside and shrieked "Bug! Bug! BUG!!!" until I removed it from the trash can and put it outdoors. She watched the door carefully for about an hour to make sure the terrifying thing did not come back indoors!

I remember I told her that ladybugs were very nice and they would never hurt her and then a few days later we went looking for some out on our back porch. When we spotted one Katie crouched down to investigate and then decided she loved them. So it was love at second sight!

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