Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Finally Done!

This morning I finished a cross stitch project I have been working on for over three years! It's just one of the things that got put on hold for other bigger, more pressing things. So here is a picture of a cross stitched birth record for Katie all nice and complete! I still have to get a frame but we can do that this weekend!

I actually found the pattern when she was about six months old or maybe eight. I had been looking since we discovered we were pregnant but I hadn't found one I liked until I saw this pattern. It actually was supposed to be done in more gender neutral colors but I changed it to be more girly! It was a lot of fun to make and Katie has been watching me work on it with a great deal of excitement over the last week. I was determined to get it done before the week was out because I just ordered the perfect cross stitch birth record for Abby!

All the little animals are supposed to be buttons which was why I picked this pattern. I love buttons! I have a button collection which the girls and I have a fun time getting out and playing with every now and then !

I thought I might post some other cross stitch projects that I've done along with this one. I use to cross stitch a lot more but it is very time consuming and I like quilting a little better! I also like designing cross stitch patterns but have yet to stitch any that I have made! This one I actually started and finished before I was married! Originally I was going to give it to our church to put in the nursery but after I had purchased all the supplies and started on it the nursery had already been decorated which included a cross stitch picture! So I decided that I would make it for my future children instead and I worked on it while Joel read to me in our free time. This started our tradition of him reading to me while I work on some stitching project which we both greatly enjoy! Some of the books he read to me while I worked on this picture were the books by James Herriot which is fun since two of his books have the titles of the little saying in the picture! This next project is a cross stitch quilt I made for Katie. Right now its hanging up in the girls room above Abby's bed. Joel saw it in one of my craft magazines and liked it so much that I ordered it as his gift to our baby! It took me a long time to finish, I started in April 2004 and finished it just in time for Katie's first birthday (July 2005)! We call it the "Butterfly-Binky Quilt"!

This lovely cross stitch picture was not made by me but by my old friend Jamie S.! I think it was for my sixteenth birthday. I still love it and now it sits on the girls dresser and they love looking at all the kitties!

So now I can cross off Katie's cross stitch on my "Project To Do list"! There is hardly anything more satisfying then being able to cross something off a list; except for maybe making a list! I dolove nice long lists! :)

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