Monday, March 24, 2008

And Baby Makes Five!

On St. Patrick's Day we received a very big surprise! We found out that I am pregnant! :) This baby comes as a complete surprise but we are very happy! To be silly we call the baby "Baby Cabbage" since we found out on St. Patrick's Day. Before we knew if Katie and Abby were boys or girls we called Katie "Little Bit" and Abby "Pooka"! :)

So I am five weeks along and my due date is Novemeber 13th. I am happy to have a baby not in the summer! It was a little bit miserable being the size of a whale in July when I was pregnant with Katie and Abby! Hopefully we will have a nice, cool autumn for my expanded waisteline unlike last October where the temp was in the 90's!

We told Katie and Abby about the baby that night and they were both delighted. Katie pats and kisses my tummy on a regular basis and prays for the baby every night! If you ask Abby what is in Mommy's tummy she immeaditely replies "A Baby!" in a very sweet, excited voice! Abby loves babies and is a little mother by nature. She is always carrying her baby dolls around all wrapped up in blankies! There's a little baby at church whom she adores! She hardly ever leaves his side in nursery!

After we found out I was pregnant my behavior over the past few weeks suddenly made sense. I had had an upset stomach at night, I was a bit more snippy than usual (poor Joel!), and I had been craving beef, ice cream with chocolate bits in it, and bread 'N butter pickles! :) Now we're thinking of baby names and where exactly we're going to put our little bundle of joy! I've rearanged the girls room again and I think I can squeeze the crib in at the foot of Katie's bed. It will be a tight fit but I like to think of it as just being extra cozy!

Though I haven't gained any weight my jeans are already feeling tight! I guess my muscles are just too tired after two babies to try and stay firm for my third! I can hardly wait until the baby is big enough to start kicking! I want to see Katie and Abby's reaction! :) When we first told Abby and Katie the baby was in mommy's tummy Abby immeaditely lifted up my shirt for a look and then was very disappointed! Katie wanted to know why the baby couldn't come out right away so I told her that the baby had to grow nice and big first and then God would tell the baby when it was time to come out. This answer seemed to satisfy her and then she talked a little bit about when Abby was born and how she got to go to Matthew's house which I think was more exciting to her than Abby's birth!

I hope the baby isn't too modest and we'll get to find out if the baby is a boy or girl as soon as possible! I didn't keep any of Abby's baby clothes so we have to start from scratch! I noticed there aren't many gender neutrel baby clothes in the stores recently so unless the baby wants to wear three outfits of white with greenish trim he/she had better not be shy! We found at out Abby was a girl at my first ultrasound but little miss Katie did not tell us she was a girl until ten days before she was born! She had a lot of yellow outfits with ducks on them!

We have a boy name all picked out but we're not sure about a girl name. We thought we were set on Emily but then we decided we didn't want Emily, partly because it tramatized Katie to have the same name for the baby as one of her beloved trains! :) So we're open to suggestions! We tend to favor classic names, and we like to be able to shorten it for a cute nickname. Unlike some guy on Facebook I won't say I'll name the baby "Bruce Wayne" if I get 500,000 people to visit my site or "Batman" if a there are a million! People are crazy! Crazy! That poor kid has to go around with that name for the rest of their lives!

I feel like I'm rambling but I guess its because I'm so happy and so many things are running through my head! Not to mention my brain is now going to my baby and I didn't have much leftover from my other two babies! :) I thank God for the little miracle that is growing in my tummy! Babies are such a blessing! Yay for babies!


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In contrast to the previous comment, here is some negative inspiration. These are some actual baby names given to real people. Don't even consider doing anything like these!

Fanny Large
Wanna Towell
Cook Cook
Governor Bush
Lawyer Low
Doctor Love
Teacher Blackbear
Judge Savage
Editor Honeycutt
Mayor Bland
Sales O. Justice
Gamble Moore
Greed Sister Mancini
Avarice Sullivan
Sloth Washton
Wrath Gordon
Envy Burger
Pride Saint
Greed McGrew
Pride Saint
Lust T. Castle
Lunch Magee
Dinner Ware
Bread White
Hero Brat
Mayo Head
Mustard M. Mustard
Pickle Parker
Plum Sellers
Banana Bowdy
Cherry Grant

-The Great Gonzo

Art Kilmer said...

Hey Dummy, how about Arthur Randall Mitchell. That has a good sound to it. :-) Although, that would be kind of odd, now that I Think about it.

In response to your blog about praying, Sammy prays for his food like this: "Dear God, Thank you for this day, thank you for this food, thank you for my bodies, in Jesus Name Amen."