Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This morning at a few minutes past nine I realized the garabage had to be taken to the curb. Our front neighbours (and landlords) are usually kind enough to do this for us but not in bad weather. As it had snowed all day yesterday and rained all night long I figured I would have to drag the cans to the curb myself. The garabage men usually come around nine so I hastily threw on my coat, scarf, and shoes and ran out the door with some broken junk that I wanted to go out, in my hand. As I ran to the first step I thought, "wow, the ground is all covered in slush!" and as I flew through the air I thought, " nope, its covered in ice!" By the time my brain caught up to what was going on with my body it was too late to catch myself, especially since our stairs have no rail. I remember thinking "stink!" and then there was lots and lots of pain!

At first I just layed trying not to scream, then I realized the only people that could come rescue me were the garabage men . Garbage men aren't my ideal choice for a rescuer. If I had to choose from all the the people who came to our house to perform a public service, I think I'd rather have the crotchety old Irish mailman! At least he hasn't been handling garbage all day! Plus I was in my bright pink penguin flannel pj's and I have a fear of being caught outdoors in my pajama's! So undignified! So I crawled whimpering and gasping up the stairs and through the door thinking how Joel was going to have to take a day off work because I had just broken my entire body and that would make him very cranky!

The pain was pretty bad, I thought I had at least broken my leg and perhaps my arm because I couldn't move either of them. I laid in the hallway, buried my head in a pile of clean laundry and screamed for a bit until the pain receded then I giggled. For some inane reason I laugh when I'm in extreme pain. Anyway, I heard Katie come pattering into the kitchen so I put on my brave face and assured her mommy was okay. I then decided to try and move and ascertain the damage. I wiggled my fingers and though the tips hurt I knew nothing was broken and was relived, I moved my right foot and though it hurt terribly, was very happy I could. Slowly, I stood up, put weight on my leg, and then whimpered. My bum hurt REALLY bad! I checked out the tender area and was alarmed at the puffiness. Now as my husband loves to tease me about I don't have much of a bum. I've had complaints from people whose laps I have sat on that it is very boney. So while most people wouldn't be worried by a puffy behind it made me anxious!

I limped over to the mirror to take a gander. I had a nice red bruise across the right half of my lower back and nice big round one on the top half of the right side of my backside. I realized then this was how older people broke their hip and was thankful I was not old and my bones were relitively strong. I have fallen down a lot in my years and have not broken one yet! I thanked God that He had spared me and thought about the injury my poor gaurdian angel must have sustained! I probably squished him really good! :)

Katie was very worried about my owie and suggested a Hello Kitty Band-Aid to make it better. I thanked her for wanting to share her special band-aids but told her my owie was too big for one. All this while Abby had been gated into her room because she had thrown a little tantrum during breakfast and had been put their until she could improve her behavior. I was going to go get her when I realized that the garabage still had to be taken out. So I changed into jeans (ouch!) put my shoes, scarf, and coat back on and went back outside. This time I carefully descended the stairs, almost fell anyway, and then skated down the driveway to the curb to see if the garabage man had come yet. No one else had their garabage out and the only person attempting to clear away the ice was our across the street neighbour. Now this man is amazing, he's almost eighty and is more robust then most twenty year olds! He'll shovel anything in any weather!

I decided that it simply wasn't worth the struggle removing the two grabage cans from the ice and then pair skating with them to the end of the drive so I skated back to the house and crawled back up the stairs. I did manage pick up the trash that I had flung in the air when I fell.

I went upstairs and got Abby down then went to check out my poor bottom that still hurt terribly. While I was grimacing at it Katie came up and said "I'll make it feel better mommy!" and gave me a nice big kiss! Not to be outdone Abby came up and gave it a good smack with her little hand. Fortunately for Katie her kiss landed on my lower back but Abby May hit my bruise square on and I had to smile instead of cry and say "Thank you girls, that made mommy feel so much better!"

I then limped to the phone and called my hubby because I wanted to whine at someone and get some sympathy. After assuring him I didn't need to go to the emergency room he commiserated with me and then we had a good laugh!

So now I can hardly sit, or walk but I am otherwise okay. Honestly, I think my body's warning system that something is wrong might be too good. From all the pain of the fall I thought I had broken the entire right side of my body! All that for just a sore bum! Yikes!

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