Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Once again from the Land of the Sickies

Well, some of you might have noticed my lack of contact with the outside world. The answer is simple, my family is diseased! We were hit with another flu bug last Wednesday and still haven't recovered! It started with Abby and Katie having a very bad case of diarrhea. They seemed to be better late by Thursday but then early Saturday morning I heard poor Abby May throwing up in her bed. Abby has never thrown up for real, so I now consider her to be officially out of the baby stage!

I was secretly feeling poorly myself but I pulled myself up by my mommy bootstraps and put on my nursing hat! Four changes of bedclothes later she finally was able to keep some very watered down apple juice in her tummy. So then it was Katie's turn. She never actually threw up but we had many many trips to the bathroom! The laundry really piled up and wouldn't you know the dryer decided to be on the fritz! It now takes three+ hours to dry anything. So I strung up a clothesline in the kitchen and did the laundry the old fashioned way!

Joel was feeling terrible Sunday morning so we all stayed home from church and I ran around washing laundry and trying to make everyone comfortable. Monday Joel stayed home but Katie seemed to be fine and Abby May also seemed to be on the mend.

Tuesday morning Joel went off to class and I went back to bed being very, very tired. I told Katie she and Abby could play quietly in their room while mommy rested. (Don't worry, I had the gate up so they couldn't escape!) I never quite fell asleep, something didn't feel right. Abby wasn't making any noise. Now of the two girls Abby is the noise maker, especially in the morning! If Katie hadn't been making any noise I wouldn't have even blinked! So I got back up to check on them and became very worried to see Abby just laying on her bed staring off into space. She was breathing normally and was responsive but Katie told me she hadn't gotten out of bed yet which made me worry even more. Abby is not one to stay in her bed when she could be out of it! I checked her temperature to see if she had a fever but it was only 96! So I bundled her up and gave her some apple juice and cheerios to see if that would perk her up. She ate and drank well enough but just didn't want to play. So her and I had a cuddly morning and gradually her temp rose to a more normal level.

Joel stopped by the store after work to pick up some pedialite and a few other things we needed and came home with a headache. All this while I had been trying to ignore my increasingly upset tummy. We had a simple dinner of bread (Joel had picked up a fancy loaf form the bakery) and I also ate the peanut butter candy bar he had gotten for me. That turned out to be the breaking point for me! Joel put got the girls ready for bed while I lost it in the bathroom sink! (For those of you with weak constitutions I apologize ahead of time for the nasty descriptions that are coming!) Let me tell you peanut butter candy is not fun to throw up!!!

The girls did not like my absence from their bedtime routine so I made a quick appearance and then had to visit the sink again! Joel was a very nice husband and after he had finished his homework he read to me from the book I had given him for Valentines Day to take my mind off my icky tummy and terrible bone aches. He even fixed me some peppermint tea in a real tea cup! Of course I threw it up ten minutes later but at least it tasted better coming up then peanut butter, chocolate, and maple and brown sugar oatmeal! I tossed my cookies again around two in the morning but actually got some good sleep after that.

I did not make my poor husband stay with me while I got sick. Apparently it disturbs him to hear me "Shouting vile things into the toilet" (his words, not mine!). I never knew that I threw up loudly or that was any other way to throw up until I married him. When he tosses his cookies he coughs politely a few times, gags a bit, then is done. I let loose with all I've got and wake up the neighbours! I really scared him the first time he witnessed me ralphing! :)

This morning we both felt wretched but Joel managed to stumble downstairs and get the girls breakfast. I let them eat in their room because I couldn't stand up for two minutes in a row and I really didn't want to deal with the smells and sounds of breakfast! So while they had a blast eating in their room we stayed in bed. A few minutes later the power went off. So poor Joel got out of bed again and went to talk to our landlord (they live in the front part of the house). Apparently the whole area was without power but ours came back on pretty quick because most of the workers at the electric company live here in Taylor. It's a nice little town! So we spent most of the morning in bed while the girls played in their room and then Joel played a little on the computer while I slumbered away. Them I decided we should probably feed the children again and we all went downstairs.

The girls had dry cereal for lunch (I wasn't taking any chances on any food with more flavor) and Joel and I had Gatorade. We watched some 'MacGuyver' while we "ate" and then I put Abby to bed and Katie in the tub. Katie is an amazing little girl who will be perfectly happy in the tub for hours on end , so I sat on the couch and listened for any drowning noises while we watched another 'MacGuyver' episode and she played. I started to feel better after Katie was done with her bath and Abby woke up. Now the girls appear to be completely better and Joel and I are getting there! Hopefully we'll all be back to our healthy selves by tomorrow! :)

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