Monday, February 11, 2008

O The Wonder of Tea!

I woke up this morning feeling nasty. My head ached, my legs hurt, my chest hurt, my nose was stuffy, and I had that strange buzzy feeling in my head. I laid there hoping the girls would sleep in and Joel's lunch would magically make itself but to no avail! At the usual time Abby's little voice came floating from across the hall "Kaydeee?" and then Katie's voice "Abby!". There was a short pause and I prayed desperatley with all my soul that they would simply flall back asleep but then came the giggles and the sisterly chit chat. I tried to ignore them while Joel got up to shower but then Katie's slightly paniced " I have to potty!" came through my groggy thoughts. Sigh! So I forced myself from the warm blankets and tottered to the girls room to begin our day. I think Joel's lunch made sense, I can't exactly remember what I put in it. Brownies and instant oatmeal I think. Poor guy!

After I kissed Joel goodbye I took some Tyleonol cold and settled the girls down in front of "Curious George" with their breakfast. Then I went to the kitchen to do my morning routine because if even a mommy feels like dirt she's still the mommy and has to keep the house in some sort of order! So I washed dishes, made coffee, put in a load of laundry (Monday is laundry day), cleaned the counters and floor. I drank the coffee but even though it was tastey it just didn't hit the spot! I wanted something different to drink; hot, comforting, and yummy...what did I crave that coffee just could not satisfy? Tea! I dug around in my substantial tea collection and found what I was looking for: some nice green tea with echincea and lemon, yum! I brewed myself up a cup and sipped it nice and slow! Perfect!

Of course once you have a perfect cup of tea you want another so after a little while I brewed myself a cup of my all time favorite tea- Lemon Blossom by Stash. Heaven! I think that particular tea is absolutely perfect, just what tea should be! It doesn't need sugar or honey, its tart and refreshing while soothing and relaxing! Yum! In my opinion a good cup of tea can make everything better!

I don't just love tea itself I love everything that goes along with it! I love tea pot and tea cups, crumpets, scones, and little doilies. Someday I want to get a tea cart! I have a small collection of tea pots and tea cups which decorate the tops of my cupboards! I always drink my tea in a real tea cup, I just love the rattley noise the cup makes against the saucer! If Joel makes me tea I insist that he does so in a tea cup, once he was actually going to make it in a coffee mug! I made him stop and get my tea cup! It probably was a little bratty of me but I was sick at that time and didn't really care too much! My poor husband!
Right now I'm sipping another cup of green tea and though my head still aches and my nose is a little stuffy the tea has made me relaxed and happy. I suppose the Tylenol cold I took might also have something to do with that but I like to think it was simply the good hot tea and the nice happy clinky noise my cup makes on my saucer! Tea might just be the world's perfect beverage! I'll end with this picture of tea and a lovely explanation about how tea makes everything better written by some fellow in the UK.
"It's funny but in the U.K there is one thing that can solve a million different problems. Your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband etc etc has just left you, never mind, have a nice cup of tea. You've just crashed the car, just been mugged, been stuck 9 days in traffic, didn't get that job, lost your favourite watch, deleted work on the computer, buried the dog, fell over, broke a bone, have a huge spot on your nose, missed your favourite TV programme, didn't get that phone call, have an ingrown toe nail, have strange hair sticking out of your ears ... then don't worry, I'll go and put the kettle on and make us a lovely cup of tea. Then you will feel lots better. :o) "

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