Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My New Machine

So yesterday I broke down and bought a new sewing machine! My husband made me! I've been coaxing my old machine along for months now to get it just to sew a simple seam and I knew the end was near but didn't want to spend that much money on a new one! However, I have been trying to sew a baby quilt for a new little baby in our church and it had been doing tolerably well though I had to baby it with much lifting of the presser foot and other little time consuming things but then it up and quit on me. If I attempted to sew anything the bobbin and top thread would snarl all up in a big ball and then suck the poor fabric down into the bobbin casing where it would then eat it. I let it rest, tried fabric that wasn't as thick but it just didn't want to be a sewing machine anymore, it would rather be a very big paperweight!
Now I have tried my best to save my poor machine, its seen a lot of sewing projects in it history with me! I bought it the summer after my freshmen year and have sewn four full size quilts on it, eight baby quilts, a few minature quilts, a couple lap quilts, countless potholders, and many other little projects and of course my bridesmaid dresses. Most of the quilts were also topstitched on it which is very hard on a machine! It wasn't a high quality machine when I bought it so I knew it wouldn't last forever. It was a Walmart $150 Brothers on sale for $125 with no bells or whistles but I had a very personal and tender attatchment to it! I had dusted it, oiled it, let it rest, read it stories etc... but to no avail, it was time to let it go!
So Joel took us girls out (he had a half day at work) and made me get a new machine. I got a nice, shiny Singer (which is a step up from a Brothers although Brothers is a good brand) for $180 at WalMart because it was about $50 cheaper than if I had bought the same model at JoAnn Fabrics. It's a very basic model but I'm not into machine embroidery which is what you pay for if you go the next step up. I would not mind getting a $500 machine or more like a Bernina but that simply isn't in our budget! Just typing the word Bernina gives me shivers! It's an awesome machine! Like the cadilac of sewing machines!
Anyway, after I put the girls to bed Joel helped me get it out of the box (how do they get it packed in so tight?!) and I got to play with it. It was easy to get all set up though I didn't bother with the automatic needle threader (if something takes five steps to do to replace something that only took one step why would anyone bother?) and got some scrap fabric to try it out on. It sewed beautifully without sounding like it was about to explode and take the whole neighbourhood with it! I even played with the embroidery stitches (I prefer hand embroidery, in my opinion it looks better, and I just like to handsew!)because they looked so nifty and I really wanted to push all the buttons!

The foot pedal takes some getting used to. It's pretty finicky, you have to press it down very slowly and if you go to fast it just doesn't do anything. I can get used to that as long as it doesn't eat what I'm sewing! So today I made real progress on the baby quilt and felt weird not having to use all my tricks to make the machine go! So thanks dearest husband who made me go and get a new one! And here's to my old machine that I loved like a small child!

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