Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Today is my second most favortie holiday! I love Valentines Day!!! I have since I was a very little girl! I loved making valentines to take to school, I loved making the special little bags that we taped to our desks to hold all our valentines! I loved the parties, and the candy, and the happy-happy-joy-joy feelings!

Valentines Day is even more awesome when you have a Sweetie to share it with! Joel has good present sense, by that I mean he can really zero in on what gift will make me squeal the loudest! This morning he didn't have to be at work until 10:45 so we had a little Valentine breakfast. I baked cinnamon rolls and made coffee and we exchanged some presents. Katie was very excited about everything and kept telling everyone "Happy Valentines!" even the guinea pig! We got the girls each a Beanie Baby (Katie's was a bright pink frog that she named "Pinky" and Abby's was a ballerina duck that Katie named "Princess") and with some money that Grandma Perry sent for the day (thanks grandma!) the "Curious George" movie.

I got Joel a book "The Black Arrow" which is one of his all time favorites. He has a copy of it but it is very old and well used and he has been lamenting that it was falling apart for a couple years now. So I found a copy of it on e-bay. I love E-bay! I like the book too, it has a little romance in it so I thought that would make a nice present. Joel really liked it and its going to be the next book he reads aloud to me. Right now he's reading me a series based on the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I love that my boy reads to me! :)

This year Joel totally outdid me! The naughty boy got me three presents! It was like Christmas! He got me "Emma" on DVD, "Persuasion" also DVD, and the book "Becoming Jane". I squealed nice and loud! As soon as Abby goes nappy-night-night I'm popping in "Persuasion" and having Jane-Day! I have been looking for that copy of "Persuasion" to rent for awhile but could never find it! I thought it looked really good and Joel said the reviews said it was very close to the book! Yay! I think I can persaude :) Joel to watch "Emma" with me tonight after we got out to dinner. He does not particularly enjoy Austin movies (nobody's perfect I guess!) but he will watch "Emma" because it is humourous and he loves "Miss Bates" character! Happy Day!

Now with all this love in the air I have to mention my Katie's first little romance. There is a boy at church named "Matthew", he is five years old and he is the pastor's son. Ever since we first moved out here the two have been inseparable! The picture is of them hanging out having a milk break not too long after we first moved out to PA.

A little while ago when Matthew had to leave Katie while we were visitng at their house (I think he had to change into his pj's or something) he got down on one knee, took her hand in his and said earnestly "Katie, I have to leave you know but its okay because we love each other and someday we'll always be together! Okay?" Ah young love! :)

When ever we go to church we are greeted with "KATIE!!! KATIE!!!KATIE IS HERE!" followed by Katie squealing and giggling and shouting "Matsew, Matsew!" (she can't quite pronounce Matthew yet!). Katie gets very sad when we have to leave Matthew and usually sheds a few tears in the car and tells how much she misses him! When we went to their house recently for a super bowl party Matthew remarked to his mommy while helping Katie take her coat off, "Isn't she pretty mommy?" :)

Recently Matthew has said he is going to marry Katie. He's told his mommy, he's told me, and on Sunday he told Katie. He told her casually while we made name bracelets during Sunday School (I teach their Sunday School class and they are my only students) and she seemed okay with the idea. After church when they said goodbye he picked her up in a big hug and twirled her around and around. Katie's hair was flying in a golden cloud all around her as she giggled and Matthew grinned at her! It was one of the sweetest things I have ever seen!

So I decided it was time to have a chat with my daughter about Matsew. Now I know she is only 3 but I was curious to see what was going on in her little head. So Monday afternoon we had a conversation about her friends and who she loves. She told me she loved Matthew very much, that he was her best friend. I then asked her who she was going to marry when she grew up and she said "I don't know Mommy." Then she paused and seemed to search the depths of her heart. After her moment of reflection she looked up at me and said "I think I'll marry Matthew mommy." I told her she could if she wanted too when she grew up but she didn't have too if she ever changed her mind, it was a long time before she would be grown up enough to get married. She looked slightly insulted at this and assured me she was going to marry him. I then asked her what she thought getting married meant. She said it meant she got to live at his house and play with him all the time and have babies. :)

This morning I told Joel about our conversation and when I came to the part about me telling her she didn't have to marry Matthew she interrupted me and said "But mommy I want too! I am going to marry Matthew!"! Joel and I tried very hard not to laugh as I reassured her she could when she grew up if she still wanted too.
Like my brother said in his blog although Katie is very young I want to give her a good Godly foundation of how to treat boys and how boys should treat her. I also want these kinds of talks to be normal so when the time comes when she is old enough to have a boyfriend she won't feel like she can't come to me to talk about it. I plan on being a very nosey mother when it comes to boys but I hope my girls will be comfortable talking to me about it because those talks have been a normal part of our relationship. Now I remember being a teenage girl, and I know there are things that they will not want to talk about but by God's grace I hope to establish a basis of trust and ease so that when we do talk it won't be too weird! :)
So my Katie has had her first marriage proposal at the age of 3! Pretty good! My first wasn't until I was 6! At least thats the first one I remember! I had lots of proposal's and confessions of love through my childhood and teenage years (including a confession written in a book I had loaned a boy that read 'Dear Karen, I love you. Guess who?') and I'm sure Katie and Abby will too! Of course the great love of my life is the man I'm married too! He's smart and fun and treated me like a lady while we were dating (opened doors for me, carried my book bag, etc...)and makes me feel like a princess! Plus he's got a killer grin and nice blue eyes! :)
So Happy Valentines Day everyone! Go hug your Sweetie or if you don't have a Sweetie a nice big, skishy stuffed animal will do!


Joel said...

Only while we were dating?

Anonymous said...

LOL I noticed that too, shame on you JOEL :)

Four Mitchells in PA said...

Okay, i just want to clear up that Joel still treats me like a lady! Sorry about making it sound like he didn't! I meant that while some boys wrapped packaging tape around my pony tail to show that they liked me Joel opened doors for me! Much better! :)