Sunday, January 6, 2008


Hello from the land of stuffy noses and upset tummies! Katie started to feel better yesterday morning, unfortunately I started feeling icky Friday night and nearly threw up in Wal Mart's parking lot. Since we were already there I convinced Joel that I was up for shopping and then almost passed out in the store. I had terrible vertigo and everything kept getting all fuzzy! It was not a happy experience! I probably looked drunk!
Yesterday Joel was a good husband and let me watch a "chick flick", ran out and got me Sprite, and tried to entertain the girls as best as he could. He even changed a stinky diaper last night! Today my nausea is gone but now my head feels like its going to explode my nose is useless and my lungs have decided they might as well join in the fun and are all congested. Joel is out getting more Sprite, some lemon drops, and lunch and the girls are playing nicely in there room and I was going to try and get a nap but then the neighbours decided its time to work on the house they're building and are cutting up cement bricks with grinders and making all kinds of painful racket so I thought I might as well blog about my misery so I would be cheerful when Joel came home!
In happier news Abby has transitioned from her crib to a big girl bed! Friday morning she had a blowout that got everywhere including on the crib bumpers and it was just too much for me to handle at that moment so I made the rash decision that we were done with babyhood! I took down the crib and rearranged their room and now Abby sleeps on her crib mattress on the floor. We plan to get her a toddler bed in the near future but for now we like that if she rolled out of bed its only a two inch drop! I was expecting a knock down drag out fight to get her stay on her mattress but surprisingly she only attempted to get out of bed twice during nap time and once that night and yesterday didn't try it at all! This morning she laid in her bed quietly until I came in the room and told her it was okay to get up now. I love it when the girls surprise me with obedience when I was expecting the worst!
I do feel better now! Now I'll be able to smile when Joel comes through the door instead of weeping hysterically and whining about the stupid neighbours! Hopefully I'll feel better by tomorrow because Joel has to go back to work and I have to get back to my mommy duties! Although I have managed to do the dishes, the warm water actually felt really good and I had to resist climbing in the sink!So next time I'll blog about something more uplifting than my illness!
Oh yeah..apparently when I take Tylenol severe cold I hallucinate and say really weird things! Joel told me that Friday night I was talking about itchy kittens that wouldn't put on their mittens and that's why they were making me so itchy. Also something about a table wearing a ruffly skirt and maybe something about turtles. I vaguely remember him laughing at me and making the bed shake which almost made me get sick on him and maybe I remember something about fluffy white kittens but Friday night is all kinda a blurry haze! He'll have to blog about it! :)

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