Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Penguin Awareness Day!

That's right! Today, January 14, is Penguin Awareness Day! In case you did not know I love penguins! You just can't get much cuter than a penguin unless maybe your name is Katie Rose Mitchell or Abby May Mitchell! So in honour of the day I thought I'd share with you come of my favorite penguin pictures!

Of course this picture of Abby with one of my penguins "Scrubby" is my all time favorite!

I think that baby Emporer penguin is showing off to the smaller one!
I wonder how that penguin got stuck with penguin nursery duty that day?!

Don't they look sweet?!

I just think these two penguins look all shy and cute like its the first time they've gotten the courage to introduce themselves! :)Frans Lanting is an awesome penguin photographer! I have some nice prints of his hanging up in the girls room! I also have a book of his work, I think Joel gave it to me! Of course my favorite penguin movie is "March of the Penguins" which I own (thanks Dad!). Katie and Abby like to watch the part where the babies are born!

Some of you may be wondering exactly when and how I started liking penguins. The truth is I'm not sure how old I was, I just know that I was young and my grandma had taken me to the zoo and the first exhibit was the penguin tank. I just loved those birds as soon as I set eyes on them and have ever since! Maybe I felt a instinctual bond with them and their klutzy appearance on land!

One of my life long dreams/goals is to pet a penguin! Ever since I saw Mr. Rogers do it I haven't stopped dreaming of cuddling one of those cute, friendly guys! A dream vacation for me would be to go to Antartica and see the huge Emporer penguin colonies!

So everyone have a very happy penguin day!


Art Kilmer said...

Ok, you are weird. Your idea of a Dream Vacation is to go to Antartica???

Did you know that Penguins taste alot like Chicken?

Here's probably the dumbest penguin joke I've ever heard:

Penguin #1 to Penguin #2: Hey, you look like you're wearing a tuxedo!

Penguin #2 to Penguin #1: Who says that I'm not!


(Many penguins were purposefully harmed and viciously mutilated in the creating of this blog comment)

Elizabeth said...

I absolutely LOVE penguins! That dude who left a comment b4 me was just plain rude! Have some respect! Jeez!

Art Kilmer said...

Ahem. That previous post was meant as sarcasm, since the writer of the blog was my sister. I do it, quite simply, to torment her. It gives me no greater joy. I think penguins are great.

Especially between two slices of rye bread...

Anonymous said...

First of all, eating or hurting penguins is illegal and the idea of going to Antarctica for a dream vacation is sooooo cool! I want to go there also! the comment before me is horrible!!! I love penguins, I soooo want to be an ornithologist and go to Antarctica after I finish college.