Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas 1982

My Dad sent me this picture of us kids all the way back from Christmas of 1982! I actually think I remember that Christmas! I have very fuzzy memories of the biggest tree that ever was a Christmas tree at my grandmother's house and I remember exactly how those pj's felt! That cute fuzzy cap was a little itchy but I liked it so much I didn't care!
Christmas was always the best at Grandma's house! I remember helping grandma out in the kitchen making her special fudge and gingerbread men. I remember one year getting a "Miss Piggy" stuffed animal with little, fuzzy purple shoes that didn't come off but they had real laces! I remember my grandpa dressing up like Santa Claus and he looked so much like the real one that secretly I thought he must be! I remember imagining exactly how he sneaked out of the house on Christmas Eve to make the trip around the world delivering toys!
I remember how much fun it was chasing my cousins around and trying to get "Ozzie" (grandma's cranky kitty) to like me. I remember how fun it was to race my brothers to the play room to see who would get the farmer toy first with the little wheel barrow and cute pumpkins! And of course I remember the big hug and lipstick kiss I would get from my grandma at the door! Grandma's house was always the best place in the world, especially for Christmas!
I remember my grandma singing in the choir at their church and loving the Christmas hymns she sang so well! I remember thinking how pretty she looked in the shiny robe and how nice the little bells sounded and how I wished I could sing in the choir like her someday!

Now I love making new memories with my very own little girls! This year was especially exciting as Katie understood exactly what was going on and was SO excited! Abby was excited because Katie was excited and a tree in our house was so fun to look at and try to touch! I showed the girls which presents were theirs and Abby had a remarkable memory for it! The day after we put the tree Katie spent all morning naming each and every ornament, even the balls! Of course I told Katie that her Great Grandpa Kilmer just might be the real Santa Claus which seemed to set her off into imagining how he did it just like I did!
I also love teaching Katie and Abby about baby Jesus and watching them and Joel play with the nativity scene. I love that I'm the mommy and get the privilege of passing on my faith to my daughters and setting up fun Christmas traditions! I love hearing Katie sing "Away in the Manger", and "Silent Night" and hearing Abby sing along with nonsense Abby words! This year Katie's favorite song was "The Little Drummer Boy" and she still goes around singing it! If she heard that song on the radio and it wasn't done right she would point it out in a an exasperated voice "Hey! They are not doing it right! There are no bum-bums!". "Bum-bums" are of course the rum-pum-pum-pums that get sung in the background and one version dared to leave them out! She keeps us laughing!

I took this picture of the girls in their Christmas nightgowns and it reminded me of the picture of me and my brothers though we don't have that cool fireplace! The girls love their Christmas nightgowns and as soon as those pj's come out of the dryer they beg me to wear them! Such cutie pies! I hope they have lots of fuzzy Christmas memories that are as special to them as mine are to me!

And I just wanted to point out that this is my 27th entry! :)

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Art Kilmer said...

Cute picture, but I was gonna blog about it! :-( Oh, well. By the way, sister, NICE SOCKS! HA HA HA!